What are F1 22’s Elimination Events?

Justin Melillo
What exactly are those Elimination Events that you can choose to play on EA F1 22? We tried them out, and here’s what you should expect.
What are F1 22's Elimination Events?

One of the newer modes to choose from in EA’s F1 22 title is what is called an Elimination Event, and the concept brings a whole different world of chaos to the table for online multiplayer racing.

On 6th December, 2022, EA launched the new mode for Social Play in Patch 1.16. Instead of there being long, strategic race events with long runs and tire strategies, Elimination Events are rather short in comparison, calling upon short run speed to keep out of the danger zone from being eliminated.

What are F1 22’s Elimination Events?

As the timer counts down, one driver at the back of the grid is removed from the race. After that, the timer resets, and the fight to not be in last moves up a spot from there. Up to 20 cars enter, and depending on the settings, either way, not everyone will make it to the end.

Sounds familiar…

It reminds me a bit of some arcade game modes found on titles like Wreckfest or Grand Theft Auto V, and more specifically the near-identical mode in EA and Codemasters’ GRID Legends.

While it’s still a video game and players are going to do video game moves to try and win (or avoid elimination), it’s just a bit jarring when someone makes a low percentage move on a corner that usually demands finesse and respect.

There’ll be a countdown timer in the top right corner of your HUD, showing the player currently in last and how long it will take until they are eliminated. If damage is turned on and you bin it, that’s another easy way to get eliminated.

These races are quick and carefree, and if you’re decent enough, they’re good fun as well. Best part about it is that you can jump in one after another and keep trying to survive the gauntlet of Eliminations.

Are Elimination Events in F1 22 cross-platform?

The mode is cross-play, so players from Xbox, PlayStation and on PC can all race against one another in the matchmaking service.

It’s a fun game mode, here for a limited time per the original posting, but it’s also probably not suited for those looking for a simulated racing experience.

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