F1 22 patch adds new multiplayer mode and extra McLaren livery 

Ross McGregor
EA SPORTS has updated F1 22 with a new, limited-time online Elimination Event, a new McLaren livery and a host of other fixes.
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EA SPORTS has released a new update for F1 22, adding McLaren’s ‘Future Mode’ livery, a new ‘Elimination’ multiplayer mode and a host of bug fixes. 

Patch v1.16 adds a new Elimination Event. This is a limited-time multiplayer-only mode where the player in last position is eliminated from the race after a 40-second countdown. If there aren’t enough human players to fill a lobby the grid is filled by AI racers. 

Although elimination modes are nothing new in racing games this is a first for the F1 series and should lead to some exciting DRS strategies as the timer heads towards zero. It is unclear whether EA SPORTS plans to keep the event full-time beyond its limited run, however. 

F1 22 patch adds new multiplayer mode and extra McLaren livery 
McLaren’s cyberpunk-inspired Future Mode livery

McLaren’s OKX-branded Future Mode livery, first introduced for this year’s Japanese Grand Prix, has also been added to F1 22, bringing a vibrant – albeit busy – paint scheme to the game. The livery was also used for the Singapore Grand Prix, where its neon markings were accentuated by the lights at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. 

In other patch news, Formula 2 driver Cem Bölükbaşı has been removed from the championship’s roster in-game, replaced by Tatiana Calderon at Charouz Racing System. The former esports star was infamously fined €5000 after his father had an altercation with fellow F2 driver Roy Nissany during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix weekend.. 

Bölükbaşı’s contract was terminated by ‘mutual consent’ before being replaced by Calderon for the remainder of the 2022 F2 season. 

F1 22, Mercedes, Suzuka

In terms of bug fixes, players will no longer incorrectly receive disqualifications for tyre compound infringements and DRS lights will now show properly on the in-game steering wheel.

Also a bizarre issue where Mick Schumacher’s helmet disappeared when changing teams in career mode has been fixed, arriving alongside several other improvements. 

The v1.16 update is available to download now for PlayStation, Xbox and PC versions of F1 22.

Have you tried the new Elimination Event? Do you think it should be a permanent feature in F1 22? Let us know in the comments below. 

F1 22 v1.16 update changelog 

  • Elimination limited-time event is now available 
  • Fixed an issue where players and AI could receive an incorrect DSQ in the race for not using multiple tyre compounds 
  • Fixed an issue where tyre compound allocation options were not visible in in-progress career saves 
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to change tyre allocation in career weekends beyond the first weekend of the season 
  • Replacement of Cem Bölükbasi with Tatiana Calderon to Charouz Racing System in F2 2022 
  • Fixed an issue where F2 2022 vehicles were struggling to finish 50% races on Miami due to excessive fuel consumption 
  • Addition of F2 2022 showroom stats and history 
  • Fixed a crash on PS4 when loading into splitscreen using two steering wheels 
  • Fixed an issue in Spectator mode where cars would be seen hitting the rev limiter 
  • Fixed an issue where, on certain cars, the DRS lights on the in-game steering wheels were not lighting up when entering DRS zones 
  • Fixed an issue on the Mercedes car where part of a front wing appears attached after taking damage 
  • Updates and adjustments to Alpine livery colour 
  • Fixed an issue on the Alfa Romeo car where left mirror is incorrectly mapped with the wrong material 
  • Fixed an issue where Mick Schumacher would not be wearing a helmet after switching team in Career 
  • Various Minor Fixes 
  • General Stability Improvements 
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