Assetto Corsa Competizione

WATCH: What’s quicker? Controller, wheel or keyboard?

It’s an often-held misnomer that in order to be successful at racing games, sims and esports, you need to use an expensive sim rig, with a direct driver wheel and hand-made pedals.

But, as some recent results have shown, it is possible to be quick with a controller and compete for the top positions in esports events. This won’t apply to all games, but titles such as Gran Turismo, Formula 1, Assetto Corsa Competizione and Kartkraft all deliver authentic experiences that can be enjoyed with either a wheel or a pad.

So, in this video I’ve decided to try and determine once and for all – well, within this one game – whether a controller or a wheel is quicker. Just for fun, I threw a keyboard in there too, because that’s going to end well.

Let us know your preferred method of virtual racing in the comments below!

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