WATCH: We tried mods in Rennsport… but what else has changed?

Mods are here: watch gameplay of two community-created tracks within Rennsport, but also hear our opinion on the sim racing platform’s updates from the past year and the first-ever ESL R1 esports major.
WATCH - We tried mods in Rennsport… but what else has changed

We were on hand in Munich – full disclosure, flights and accommodation were covered, but Traxion.GG is not paid for or under any obligation to create content, nor create content for Rennsport/ESL R1 itself – to test the latest physics, graphics and content updates.

There’s simultaneously a lot of hype, but also mystery, surrounding the project. Watch as we take you behind the scenes and explain the latest changes. Beta access begins on 6th June, for PC only.

What would you like to know, let us know in the comments below! In this video, we touch upon:

  • Mod support
  • Mod tools
  • LMDh and TCR cars
  • VR support
  • The Beta
  • ESL R1 esports

If you’d like detailed vehicle handling impressions, watch our Praga R1 hands-on video too.

If you’d like to know more about the development progress, listen to our podcast interview, released later today, 6 pm CEST.

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Rennsport: LMDh and TCR cars confirmed 

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