WATCH: “Virtual to Reality” videos tease realistic Big Willow in Gran Turismo 7

Justin Melillo
WATCH: "Virtual to Reality" videos tease realistic Big Willow in Gran Turismo 7

One of the coolest parts about sim racing are the things that can be found on the virtual side that translate to the real world. Not only the virtual cars, but accurate tracks are very much a huge part of any successful racing video game.

In the latest social push from the folks working on Gran Turismo 7, new promotional videos dropped on Thursday (24th February) with Willow Springs Raceway as the focus of such a virtual versus reality comparison. We’re just over two weeks until the game fully releases and personally, things like this gets me hyped.

In one part of the video, decorated racing driver Dai Yoshihara explained the ins and outs of the course. Meanwhile, the famous online personality Super GT, also known as Steve Alvarez Brown, took to the virtual Big Willow on the upcoming Gran Turismo 7 to pretty much explain the same nuances of the track.

Similar visuals, descriptors, and excitement lined both of their voices. The three-minute and 17-second video would switch back and forth between the real track, as explained by Yoshihara and the virtual rendition, explained by Super GT.

At the end, Super GT said he would love to race the track in real life while Yoshihara said he couldn’t wait to try it on GT7.

A second video put the two laps together to see the Willow Springs Raceway in action virtually and realistically. The historic course, which resides in California, measures in at 2.500-miles, or 4.023-kilometers with nine corners. In the comparison video, you can see the corners, elevations, and driving lines are pretty much spot on.


In the first video, one of the captions states that the Tesla Model 3 will be coming to the game at a later date. The modified Model 3 that is shown is a race-tuned version that Yoshihara takes around the Big Willow. The caption specifically states “Tesla Model 3 not available in Gran Turismo 7. To be provided in a future update.”

Tesla Model 3 used in Gran Turismo 7 promo trailer

While Super GT wheeled a virtual Tesla Model S Signature Performance, which was the same model that was portrayed in GT Sport, it is noteworthy to see more inclusion of the Tesla brand in these promotional bits leading up to the release.

We are all looking forward to seeing Gran Turismo 7 in full on 4th March 2022. Check out those videos above and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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