WATCH: Top 5 Fictional Race Tracks

The best fictional race track of all time.

Yes, we’ve gone there.

Trust us when we say that creating this list was a maelstrom of differing opinions, toys being thrown out of the pram and spilt milkshake, but we finally did it. We nailed down just five great ficitonal race tracks.

Why five? No reason other than pushing us to meet an arbitrary target. We are well away there are loads of amazing fictional race tracks, from the likes of Mario Kart and Wreckfest, but when it’s a ‘best of list’, you cannot include them all. So we didn’t.

That doesn’t mean that list isn’t open for interpretation though, oh no. Please comment below or on the Traxion YouTube channel and let us know what your favourite fictional racetrack is and we may revisit this another time.

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