WATCH: Taming Le Mans in Gran Turismo 7’s Toyota GR010

John bought a new Toyota!

No, it’s not a clapped-out Yaris, but Toyota’s GR010 24 Hour of Le Mans challenger that will take to the track this weekend in an attempt to win for the second time in succession. The car became available as part of Gran Turismo 7’s v1.15 update, alongside the Roadster Shop Rampage and Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo.

The GR010 features a 3.5l twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine producing 571bhp, with a hybrid regeneration system providing an additional 268bhp of electric motor power. You can purchase it from Gran Turismo 7’s Brand Central for 3,000,000 Credits.

Weighing just over 1000kg with a combined power output of 939bhp, the Toyota is fast. Very fast. It’s so fast in fact, that it sits on pole position for the 2022 edition of Le Mans. Kiwi driver Brendon Hartley set a benchmark time of 3m 24.408 on Thursday evening (9th June 2022), as Toyota aim to stave off competition from the Alpine and Glickenhaus crews for overall honours.

This video was recorded before Le Mans qualifying took place, and John sets himself a goal of beating this year’s pole time. The question is, did he manage it?

To finish off, we take a quick look at the Roadster Shop Rampage in action around Laguna Seca. John quickly realises he would’ve preferred that clapped-out Yaris…

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