WATCH: rFactor 2 Race of the Season 4, Donington Park – LIVE on Traxion.GG

Watch the top split live of rFactor 2’s Race of the Season on the Traxion.GG YouTube channel, as Toyota BTCC cars take on Donington Park.
WATCH: rFactor 2 Race of the Season 4, Donington Park – LIVE on Traxion.GG

The fourth edition of rFactor 2’s Race of the Season returns on Sunday (7th August 2022). Utilizing the rFactor 2 Competition System, rFactor 2 players have qualified over the last five weeks for the chance to participate in the main show.

A top split with up to 30 drivers will be broadcasted live on the Traxion.GG YouTube channel.

BTCC Toyota Corolla GR, Rory Butcher, 2021

This season, the battleground will be another new venue to the service, Donington Park. As for the car, again we’ll see new content on display with the 2021 BTCC Toyota Corolla GR Sport which was released in the original BTCC Pack alongside the Infiniti Q50.

The main event will be a timed race of 45 minutes in length with one pit stop required to complete the event. The field will line up how they qualified through the competition system. The top three finishers will again receive a physical trophy.

Approximately 60 rFactor 2 drivers attempted to put down a fast enough lap to qualify for the top broadcasted split.

race of the Season August 2022, rFactor 2

We will have some Traxion.GG representation once again with our own Ross McGregor in the field. Ross will lead the field to the green should he attend, and he’ll be starting alongside Chris Butcher, an accomplished sim driver over a multitude of different platforms, and once teammate to both Ross and John Munro when they were on the THR sim racing team.

We might also have Nico Barclay in the field, a driver for the No. 14 Race Clutch Alpine team during the 2021 Le Mans Virtual Series season. Barclay put down a fifth-best time in the Race of the Season qualifying, and besides his top-level sim racing efforts, we hear he’s pretty good at designing liveries as well.

Donington Park rFactor 2

Anyone with a valid copy of rFactor 2 can try out for these races. The venue itself, Donington Park, will utilize the Grand Prix layout, which measures 4.020-kilometres, or 2.498-miles in length. There are 12 corners including a pair of back-to-back hairpins as the final turns before coming back around to the starting line.

Last season’s battle took the INDYCAR IR-18 to Laguna Seca for a head-to-head battle between Dan-Ove Brantholm and Riccardo Fava. It was the closest battle of all the Races of the Season, and Brantholm came out on top at the end of it.

Tooyta BTCC Race of the Season

Tune in to the main event on Sunday 7th August at 9:00 p.m. CEST / 8:00 p.m. BST / 3:00 p.m. ET. The action, once again, will be LIVE on Traxion.GG’s YouTube channel.

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