WATCH: RaceRoom Racing Experience – the current state of online multiplayer, 2022

We do a lot of single-player racing here on the Traxion.GG YouTube Channel. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t all massive online racing fans too.

Most modern racing titles have some form of online multiplayer integration to allow players to compete against one another, rather than just computer-controlled AI rivals.

In this new video series, we take look at just how easy it is in the current day to find a good online race.

In each episode, we intend to showcase a different modern racing title and put its multiplayer functionality to the test.

First up is the free-to-enter PC-based sim racing platform RaceRoom Racing Experience. First released in 2013, it added a ranked multiplayer component in 2021 to sit alongside lobbies, and then a Ranked Championship competition system in May 2022.

It’s also a platform used by several racing esports competitions, such as the eWTCR, ADAC GT Masters and DTM, all of which have an online leaderboard qualification element within the platform.

Online racing can be overwhelming for many, but if that’s how you feel, hopefully, this series will help you work out exactly what’s out there!

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