WATCH: Let’s Play Race Driver: GRID, Episode 8

It’s another Japan-centered episode this week in my Let’s Play Race Driver: GRID series. Close to a J license promotion to start off Season 3, John Traxion is heading back to take on the Pro Touge discipline.

The goal in this racing discipline, as I learned back in episode 4, is to cumulatively defeat your opponent without causing any contact. You don’t have to win both races, you just need to have the best overall time. I’ve also decided to do a drift competition in this episode, and the result of it is just enough for the license promotion.

With the J-Speed Super Two License in my pocket, Rick Racing can finally expand to two cars. Although Carmen wasn’t enthralled with it, I’ve signed rookie driver Gianni Fazio to drive alongside. We’ll both head out to Japan one final time for something called Midnight Touge, which is a little bit different from the Touge from before.

I have to say, Gianni is pretty fast, which gives me some hope for the future of the team. Tune in to see how we fared, and be sure to catch up with the first seven episodes in the series. Keep it pinned, drop a like, hit that subscribe button and we’ll see you next Sunday!

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