The BMW x RIVALWORKS Motion Platform takes sim racing to a new level

The BMW x RIVALWORKS Motion Platform takes sim racing to a new level

We’re big fans of motion sim rigs here at Traxion.GG, as when they are done well, they enhance the overall experience and take it one step closer to reality.

Now the world’s favourite Bavarian car manufacturer has created the BMW x RIVALWORKS Motion Platform which combines several renowned sim racing specialists into one ideal rig.

The BMW x RIVALWORKS Motion Platform combines a specially designed cockpit by the fine folks at RaceX, an FIA-approved motion platform by D-BOX and Munich’s specific Motion Cueing algorithm – said to be used in BMW Motorsport’s cutting-edge driver training simulator – to deliver one ultimate packaging.

Virtual racing hardware experts Sim Lab is involved as the distributor.

The use of BMW’s unique heave, roll, yaw and pitch processes combined with haptic feedback means that for the first time, the top-secret motorsport simulator tricks are available for home purchase.

The BMW x RIVALWORKS Motion Platform

“We’ve been able to tinker with the feedback in an even more precise manner, which allowed us to craft the most accurate experience in sim racing at home today,” explained Yannick Gemme, Vice-President Sales for D-BOX.

Speaking of which, availability and price are yet to be revealed – but we’re going to go out on a limb and suggest it costs more than a HORI Mario Kart wheel.

Either way, enhanced technology such as that seen in this setup only helps to push sim racing forward. Now, if only someone would be so kind as to let Traxion.GG take it for a spin?

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