WATCH: Let’s Play Race Driver: GRID, Episode 7

I’ve got my elbows out in this week’s episode of my Let’s Play Race Driver: GRID series. It’s the demolition derby edition of GRID World today, and John Traxion is ready to smash, crash, and bash it up on American soil.

One of my favorite childhood memories of this game was these demo derbies. I’ll be taking part in the Michigan Demolition Derby with my own Jupiter Eagleray MK5, a fictitious GRID vehicle that sort of looks like an old eighties beater car. The track has two crossover points, so there’s sure to be carnage.

After that’s done, the end of the second season is upon Rick Racing, and once again, the 24 hours of Le Mans is left to compete in. Instead of signing on with another team, I think it’s time for Rick Racing to enter their own entry. I’ve purchased a brand-new Spyker C8 Spyder, which is better in corners but not in straight-line speed, an opposite to the Panoz Esperante I drove at the end of the first season.

As the second season comes to a close, the third is ahead. If you’re new here, be sure to watch the first six episodes in the series to catch up. As always, a like and a hit to the subscribe button helps us help you keep up with the latest Traxion.GG content.

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