WATCH: Let’s Play Race Driver: GRID, Episode 19

Continuing the open-wheel Global license championship run from the last episode of John Munro’s Let’s Play Race Driver: GRID series, John is looking to take down Ravenwest in one of the toughest challenges in GRID World to date.

The Ravenwest duo of Rick Scott and Nathan McKane are a fierce combination on the track. It’s going to take John Traxion and Rick Racing everything they’ve got to come out on top. The venues on tap today are Milan, Washington and Istanbul. The first two aren’t John’s strongest tracks, but if he can get to Istanbul with a chance at the title, it might just be possible.

It doesn’t help that John’s Rick Racing teammate, “Sassy” Joakim Muller, is actually a step down from former teammate Lee Niven. John is pretty much on his own this week, so the team title is out of the question. All focus solely goes to the driver’s title and taking down both Ravenwest drivers. It might be even tougher than prescribed, as these guys usually don’t make mistakes on the track.

Be sure to catch up with the first 18 episodes of John’s Let’s Play Race Driver: GRID series if you’re new to the channel. Also, catch John live on the Traxion Twitch when the new GRID game, GRID Legends, launches in two weeks. This series will continue here on the Traxion YouTube, so keep it pinned and subscribed here for episode 20 and beyond.

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