WATCH: John and Oasley’s Jersey eRally recce

Ross McGregor
Join Oasley and John as they devise their pace-notes for the upcoming Jersey eRally on DiRT Rally 2.0. How will they fare? Find out on Traxion’s YouTube channel on Friday at 11am GMT!
WATCH: John and Oasley's Jersey eRally recce

“4 left into 4 right. Into 5 left. Barbecue”.

It’s Jersey eRally time once again and we at Traxion.GG are approaching this one from a rather interesting angle, with John joined by his very own co-driver – Oasley. 

This video sees the pair devising their pace notes for the 12-stage rally around DiRT Rally 2.0’s fearsome German stages. They’ve dispensed with the services of WRC title-winning co-driver Phil Mills… which sounds like a bad idea when you think about it. 

The Jersey eRally is a fun event in aid of charitable causes. This year’s event is raising money for Philip’s Footprints and the Gareth Roberts Memorial Fund. However, despite the noble aims, the field is fiercely competitive and this year’s event has once again attracted a high-quality roster of drivers. 

John and Oasley will be going up against the likes of double Jersey eRally winner Nicolò Ardizzone, WRC Esports stars Kazuho Iwata and John Bebnowicz-Harris; as well as British Rally Championship entrants James Williams and Ruairi Bell, among others. 

A charity raffle with motorsport-themed prizes is on offer too, so make sure to check out the Traxion.GG website for more information on how you can enter the competition and the rally itself.

How will John and Oasley get on in the live-streamed attempt on Friday? Judging from their recce, they’ve certainly put the work in and we’re wishing them the best of luck. Make sure to join them on the Traxion.GG YouTube channel on Friday morning at 11am.

Note: ‘Hello’ in German is ‘Hallo.’ 

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