WATCH: iRacing addons we can’t live without

Looking to spice up your iRacing experience? Piers Prior has years of experience on the title, and he’s here today to share his favourite addon programs.
WATCH: iRacing addons we can't live without

While the iRacing UI is fairly decent and pretty customisable in comparison to some other simulation titles on the market, there’s still more you can add on to make your experience even more enjoyable, or quite possibly even faster.

Piers Prior has been on the iRacing platform for a decade now. He’s been able to test many different addons and plugins over the course of that time, and today, he’s picked a handful to talk about today that are just brilliant.

From overlays that add even more to your user interface, to spotter packs that cuss you out, and even those that help you organise your favourite addons, Piers has selected some of the basics that should help you have an even better time on the game.

Are these the ones you would choose? Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to try these addons for yourself? Check out the links below: 

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