WATCH: Intense Rivalries! | Race Driver: GRID Episode 24

Only two world championships remain in John Munro’s Let’s Play Race Driver: GRID Series. John Traxion has taken on and won in the Pro Tuned, Open Wheel, Touring Car and Drift GP championships. The failed GT1 championship from Episode 21 is still to be redone, but today John is set to take on the new Prototype championship.

Rick Racing has what seems like an endless supply of money now as one of the top teams in the GRID World Championship, so another new car is in the cards for today’s episode. The Courage LC70 boasts the most top speed on the purchase page, so that’s what Rick Racing will contest with. However, those Mazda 787B’s, as we’ll come to find out in the episode, are surely quick in a straight line.

The Prototype World Championship will take place over five circuits, starting at Long Beach, then heading to Washington, the Nürburgring, Milan and Spa-Francorchamps. David Dempsey, John’s Rick Racing teammate, will have decent speed, but the NOS Sport and Yamada Speed teams are fairly competitive as well. John will need consistency and maybe a little luck to get this title locked up.

As mentioned earlier on, John’s Race Driver: GRID series is nearing the end. It is expected that there will only be two more episodes after this, and will include the GT1 championship and one final showdown with Ravenwest. Stay tuned for the conclusion to the series, make sure you’ve rung the bell to stay notified, and keep it pinned.

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