Hardcore motorcycle sim TrackDayR enters Early Access next week

Thomas Harrison-Lord

I’m all for different sorts of racing games and simulations. Variety is the spice of life, so they say. In which case, TrackDayR looks to be the vindaloo of motorcycle games.

The title aims to deliver the most realistic bike experience ever. This is most definitely not for everyone, and that’s okay. There’s a large selection of four-wheeled simulators available, but two-wheel fans are often not catered for on a simulation level.

TrackDayR coming soon

Last year MotoGP 20 was a more difficult game than in previous years, but the only game I would consider to be an out-and-out motorcycle simulator from recent times is TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2, which has recently been updated.

But TrackDayR aims to take things to another level. For example, should you fall off your vehicle, you have to pick up your bike and walk it back to the track, before bump starting it. Looking purely at the trailer below, the way the rider’s weight moves in conjunction with the suspension seems to be extraordinarily accurate. We’ll have to get our hands on it first though, before passing any judgement.

TrackDayR Crash

From launch, there is a range of different vehicles to try, ranging from a scooter to what looks like some form of superbike and a minimoto in-between. There will be some tracks at launch, including Adria in Italy, but this will expand further down the line once the game is fully developed. Rather uniquely, there is VR support to come in the future too, something sadly lacking in most motorcycle games.

“At the moment, the game does not have all the features that it will have when finished,” says the game’s Steam page at present.

TrackDayR will be available via Early Access on 17th March 2021 and is developed by Italian team MadCow. We aim to have some hands-on impressions and footage next week too.

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