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WATCH: Every racing game with current Formula 1 cars

Formula 1 is arguably the pinnacle of motorsport. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many racing game developers are always keen to have up-to-date Formula 1-inspired machinery within their arsenal of virtual racing machines.

Formula 1 cars have huge amounts of downforce and power, resulting in phenomenal performance on track. This is something all sim racers and racing game fans want to experience, but which experience currently on offer is best?

I’ll be testing some laps around Spa-Francorchamps with six of the best Formula 1-inspired vehicles. Some of these cars are fictional interpretations of the 2022 rules package, some are fully licensed, official machines, whilst others are slightly older vehicles, but still worthy of a mention.

Which of these Formula 1 cars do you think provides the best experience? Let us know down in the comments below!

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