WATCH: Dave Cam goes iRacing – Mazda MX-5 – Week 7 at Oran Park

It’s been a tough week for our iRacing track guide guru Dave Cam on the virtual track. Every week, Dave puts his money where his mouth is to complete a race at the same series that his weekly track guide is for. This week, however, it’s been increasingly difficult for Dave to complete a race without getting junked!

The track no longer exists in the real world, but Australia’s Oran Park Raceway continues to live on through the iRacing service. The Oran Park Grand Prix configuration is in play in 2022 iRacing Season 1 Week 7. The series is the Global Mazda MX-5 Fanatec Cup. This configuration for the former racing course is a 1.62 mile, 2.61-kilometer circuit with 12 listed corners.

Dave’s Safety Rating has taken a massive hit in the process. One more wreck-filled race and he’ll be demoted to a B level license! While we want to see Dave make his way to victory lane, it’s understandable that today, his main priority is to survive. Truth be told, all the track guidance in the world won’t prepare anyone for another car spinning like a top erratically in front of you.

Starting on the final row as usual, Dave will use alternate lines and an elevated mindset to keep his nose as clean as possible in the 10 lap sprint race today. Listen in as Dave explains his thoughts through the racing action. He’ll tell why he makes certain moves in certain places, how to get the best jump on his opponents, and some of the quirks about racing on what he calls the most frustrating yet fun track to race on.

Be sure to watch until the end to see where Dave ends up when it’s all said and done. Also, make sure you check out Dave’s collection on Traxion.GG of track guides, car guides, content previews and full races. Hit the like, smash the subscribe, and let us know your thoughts on Dave’s race craft in today’s episode. Keep it pinned!

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