WATCH: Dave Cam goes iRacing – Mazda MX-5 – Week 12 at Laguna Seca

As it tends to get in these Mazda MX-5 races, all of the elbows were out once again in Dave Cam’s latest racing venture. Every week (mostly) in iRacing 2022 Season 1, Dave has been putting his money where his mouth is and running in a Top Split race from the back of the grid.

This week’s Global Mazda MX-5 Fanatec Cup race takes to the historic Laguna Seca, a 2.238-mile, 3.602-kilometer venue with 11 unique corners. This editor’s favorite turn is the ‘corkscrew’, an uphill to downhill, blind zigzag menace that can end anyone’s race if not properly considered.

Dave is going to get physical in the corkscrew, as well as many other parts of the track. Thankfully, Dave prepared his alternate lines to get through the traffic. Also, there may be some Jedi trickery, as Dave puts it, at one point in the video. You’ll have to watch and see how it all plays out.

Stay tuned to see how far up the leaderboard Dave gets today. Be sure to check out his extensive collection of videos over here on the Traxion.GG channels. If you enjoyed today’s race, leave a like. Subscribe if you haven’t yet already. Finally, do we even have to ask any more? Just keep it pinned.

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