WATCH: Building Momentum, Race Driver: GRID Episode 20

John’s back, Race Driver: GRID is back and the cockpit camera is back – well, for at least one race, anyway…

Yes, it’s the return of our weekly GRID World playthrough. This week Mr Munro takes on the Pro Tuned Cup within the Global Racing League, and he’s looking to carry his momentum forward after a successful title showdown last time out with Ravenwest.

It won’t be easy though, as the Pro Tuned class have never been particularly kind to him. Can he turn things around or will we see another season of frustration and missed opportunities?

This is the last episode we will upload before the release of GRID Legends, so if you’d like to see the series’ lineage, then where better to start than by watching our entire Race Driver: GRID series to date by starting with the playlist below.

You can also catch John live on the Traxion Twitch when GRID Legends launches next week. This series will continue too on the Traxion.GG YouTube, so keep it pinned and subscribed for episode 21 and beyond.

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