Assetto Corsa Competizione

WATCH: ACC PS5/Xbox Series X|S beginner’s guide

Assetto Corsa Competizione finally saw its PS5/Xbox Series X|S release last week (22nd February), and thanks to the huge amount of content we’ve created for the PC version over the past year we’re in a great position to collate all the best ACC guides, tips and advice to make your GT3 journey a successful one.

We talk you through the best way to tackle ACC’s tracks, with expert tuition from John Munro. We also delve into parts of ACC’s mechanics that aren’t explained well in-game: race starts, pitstops, and car setups.

PS5/Xbox Series X|S specific options such as Private Lobbies are also discussed, then we take a short look at what’s on the horizon for the sim in terms of future updates to the console versions.

Admittedly, ACC’s next-gen release hasn’t been problem-free, but Kunos Simulazioni has committed to troubleshooting its popular esports title – with hopes that’ll be sooner rather than later.

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