WATCH: A very serious Wreckfest Eagles Peak Motorpark track guide

John Munro
WATCH: A very serious Wreckfest Eagles Peak Motorpark track guide

We take our track guides very seriously here at Traxion. Fresh off the back of Assetto Corsa Competizione circuit assistance manuals, I’m now going to create one for the most realistic simulation of them all: Wreckfest.

The Eagles Peak Motorpark venue was added to Wreckfest as part of the December 2020 Racing Heroes Tournament update and requires a precise driving style to find the optimum lap time. You’ll be squeezing every last millimetre out of the track to sit atop those ever-competitive online leaderbaords.

It’s probably best to do some finger exercises before you start a hot lap here as you’ll be grabbing your controller or wheel so hard in concentration cramp is a real possibility. Keep a packet of tissues on standby too, perspiration is guaranteed.

Finally, be sure to revise the entirety of Urban Dictionary, because hurling abuse at your online rivals in Wreckfest is a delicate art form. Here are some accolades to aim for:

  • Folkrace racer: Six crashes
  • Stock car pro: Driving in reverse
  • Formula E champion: Upside down over the finish line

Okay, okay, the joke is up. You cannot be serious in Wreckfest. Go out there and smash up some cars. I’ll be back next week with some genuinely helpful sim-racing advice.

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