WATCH: A very late introduction to BeamNG.Drive, the finale

John Munro
WATCH: A very late introduction to BeamNG.Drive, the finale

Like The Sopranos or Daft Punk, all good things most come to an end.

The same is true of my introductory video series discovering the delights of BeamNG.Drive.

It’s been fun, and as I type this, I’m getting emotional. I’ve failed and crashed many times, but not much comes close to the jubilation I felt when I finally succeeded. We’ve tried rallying, mods, a bus with a bomb strapped to it and a Tron-like futuristic universe. There’s nothing else quite like.

While it is with a heavy heart that this Beam series comes to a close, we’re far from finished with the game itself. With yet more updates and additions slated to arrive for this physics-based-crash-simulator-turned-racing-game, Traxion is still the place to be to read about the latest news or watch damage-filled high jinks.

This isn’t an end really, it’s a beginning. Thank you for watching the journey so far.

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