WATCH: A very late introduction to BeamNG.Drive, Episode 7

It’s now time to get my mod on.

Unlike some games, mods are a large part of BeamNG.Drive and actively encouraged by the developers – provided you adhere to the guidelines. You can utilise an Automation integration, play the BeamMP multiplayer addition or just do what I did for this episode, which is search for the mods held in the highest regard and try them out.

We’ve got two maps, a rally car and a single-seater which is suspiciously like a Formula 2 vehicle.

Existing content in BeamNG.Drive is very much like rallying already, but can the game handle a racing circuit and a stiffly-sprung racing car? Will the handling model hold up?

You’re about to find out…

Don’t forget, you can watch six other BreamNG.Drive episodes too, so get caught up for the full context.

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