WATCH: A tour of the Motion Simulation TL3 Lite rig

Justin Melillo
WATCH: A tour of the Motion Simulation TL3 Lite rig

Back in November, Motion Simulation announced their TL Series of motion racing rigs for the 2022 calendar year. Alongside the high-end £49,995 TL3 model, the slightly less expensive TL3 Lite weighs in at £29,995 at base pricing.

Automotive influencer Peter Greaves (a.k.a. Petrol Ped on YouTube) recently made his way down to the Motion Simulations headquarters. In a video released on Monday, Peter showed off their entire lineup of sim racing rigs. From the more basic LC Series to the high end TL Series, every current rig in their catalog was all lined up.

Around the 11 minute and 25 second mark in the video, Peter makes his way over to the newest item in the shop. The Motion Simulations TL3 Lite is a cheaper version of the full TL3, but still offers the same crazy-looking sim racing office space. There’s a 200 degree screen circled mostly around the seat. The rig itself has motion enabled, plus the seat is adjustable and can be placed in “saloon”, “sports”, “GT” or “Formula” positions.

I’m not quite sure what simulation game he’s strapped into, but it looks to me like he’s driving some sort of closed-fendered machine at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. It definitely is a fun circuit to drive on. It looks even more fun with the constant feedback from the motion system and immersive screen.

Watch and see what Petrol Ped thinks about the system in his first sit-down in the TL3 Lite. Check out Motion Simulation catalog, all systems proudly made in the U.K. They are the official simulation partner with Veloce Esports, by the way. Would you consider saving up to get one of these insane sim racing systems? Let us know your thoughts on the TL3 Lite down in the comments below.

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