WATCH: 10 of the worst corners in sim racing

Thomas Harrison-Lord
WATCH: 10 of the worst corners in sim racing

Even the world’s greatest racing circuits have dud corners. Seriously. Just have a think for a few minutes about your favourite venues. There’s always one turn that grinds your gears.

That’s what we are covering here. Not the worst tracks in the world, but the worst corners and often, an element can stick out like a sore thumb should the rest of the experience be so satisfying.

This video features some of the all-time greatest venues, and Paul Ricard, so watch to see which corners irked our racers the most.

But, woah woah, hold your horses. Before you set your keyboard on fire with rage, this is only the opinion of some of the Traxion team. You know you may have a difference of opinion. But that’s okay. Let us know in the comments below your least favourite curve in curve racing and it could make it into a follow-up video soon.

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