V1.2 of RiMS Racing enhances visuals and fixes crashes on PC

RiMS Racing Aprilia jump

The first significant update for Rims Racing has hit for PC owners via Steam.

V1.2 of the unique motorcycle simulator delivers revised visuals, with added ‘polish’ to lighting, evolving track, tarmac, kerbs, terrain, crowd and sponsors. A big element of the title is the ability to customise your motorcycle and rider and maintain them by affixing new parts. We noticed several small bugs within our playtesting, so we’re pleased to hear about a suite of minor revisions in this department too.

Several in-game icons have been redesigned for improved readability, game stability is said to be less volatile and the AI’s mass centre has been optimised.

While RiMS Racing is a breath of fresh air, we felt that it needed further development, with performance issues holding back the potential. Now it seems, work is continuing to refine the game.

The new update is out now for PC players, but there’s no word yet on improvements for those playing on PS4, PS5, Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. We’ll keep you updated when this changes and don’t forget that the bike simulator releases on Nintendo Switch 16th September.

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