Updates to VR menus, telemetry output with KartKraft update


The developers of the KartKraft game have pushed out a relatively minor update to their simulation.

Recently Motorsport Games announced its intention to purchase KartKraft assets and IP from Black Delta. Therefore its always comforting to see development continuing at a steady pace as the process is happening.

The main points of this patch include the update to VR menus, which were a little bit clunky at best. Also, the amount of telemetry out of the simulation has been increased to include some additional information. You might also notice that the force-feedback fade is improved and that you can now manually drive into the pits during a practice session.

Other than that though, not a lot going on. Still good to see steady progress in this promising product.

You can check out John Munro’s first KartKraft VR experience (filmed before this update!) here or on our YouTube channel

Patch Notes / Changelog (

  • Fixed font issue for languages other than English. Main menu option fonts will look different but are now legible. Nicer fonts and translations are slated for the future.
  • Added more telemetry output: Vehicle world position, session elapsed time, session name, track name, track address, track country code.
  • Added the ability to manually drive in to the pits during practice sessions.


  • Improved VR input for menus. Menus now default to using mouse, with an option to switch to gaze input available in Settings > VR.
  • Added new setting to fine tune world scale in VR. Use this setting only if the world feels “wrong” to you. Default of 100% should be correct for 99% of people. Available in Settings > VR.
  • Added an option to switch between Headphones (head-tracked) and Speaker (non-head-tracked) mode for audio. Available in Settings > VR.
  • Fixed a bug which caused VR settings to be invisible.


  • Fixed issue preventing the ability to bind G27 clutch pedal.
  • Improved FFB fade in when returning to driving. Now much faster and more direct.
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