Upcoming title ‘You Suck At Parking’ will have Multiplayer Mode

Upcoming title 'You Suck At Parking' will have Multiplayer Mode

It was announced on Monday (23rd May 2022) that You Suck At Parking will include a Multiplayer Mode when the game releases, which is expected to be later this year. Up to eight players can attempt to race to the parking spot “in a free-for-all fiesta” wreaking havoc amongst each other along the way.

We’ve reported a couple of times on this upcoming indie title from Happy Volcano before. Simon Smith got to get his hands on a demo of the game early last year.

That was before the game was eventually pushed back to at least 2022. In the new Multiplayer Mode trailer, though, it looks like a much more well-rounded entry.

Multiplayer is something that was unannounced before today, so that’s a great detail to have. Also, the press release states that the game is not only in development for PC via Steam, but also for Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles.

This title really brings new meaning to the old phrase “hurry up to wait”. It’s all about making it through the obstacles to be the first to park in the designated parking spot. Just don’t suck at it.

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Images thanks to Happy Volcano

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