Unpopular Opinions – The Traxion.GG Podcast, Episode 13

Unpopular Opinions | Traxion.GG Podcast Episode 13

I’ve got one, you’ve got one, I’m sure that everyone has one. Opinions, I mean. Bad opinions, to be exact.

Unpopular opinions are the popular topic this week in the latest episode of the Traxion.GG Podcast, and we’ll be giving our hot takes regarding some of your favourite racing titles on the market, as well as general beliefs in the racing game world.

We’re out to hurt feelings this week, so we truly hope you disagree with us.

Disagree or not, let us know your opinion in the comments below. Also, feel free to share any bad takes you might have, after all, we did put ourselves out there…

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Hosted by Justin Sutton, John Munro and Thomas Harrison-Lord.

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Podcast transcript

Tom Harrison-Lord: (00:07
Hello and welcome to a brand new episode of the Traxion podcast. Thank you very much for joining us today. We’re going to be talking about in this episode, unpopular racing games, sim and esports opinions, and by definition of being unpopular, that means you probably disagree with us, but that’s okay. I’m the host for this episode, Tom also joined us today all the way from America is Justin Sutton. 
Justin Sutton: (00:29
Tom Harrison-Lord: (00:30
I got the city wrong last time, but at least the can’t go wrong with the country and also joining us all the way from Scotland is John Munro. 
John Munro: (00:37
Hi, Tom. Never been more ready to hurt everyone’s feelings. So let’s go on with it. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (00:41
Yeah. And just for clarification, Scotland is a different place to Wales. So just so we’re all clear on that. 
Justin Sutton: (00:45
That’s right. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (00:45
Yeah, that’s good. 
John Munro: (00:47
That’s is a popular opinion as well. 
Justin Sutton: (00:50
That is. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (00:51
So, I just want to clarify again, unpopular opinions. So these are where maybe the majority of the people on the internet or the Metacritic score or something like this seems to be overwhelmingly positive or negative about something. And we’re going to say actually our own personal opinion and it is our own personal opinion is slightly different to that. But we’d also like to hear from you as well. So if you’re watching on YouTube, put in the comment below what your unpopular opinion is, and also tell us how wrong or right we are. And then if you’re listening to the audio podcast, then go to the Traxion.gg website, top bar, click on the podcast section. There’s a post for this particular episode, and you can actually leave a comment there, with your unpopular opinion. And who knows if there’s a few of them, we’ll actually maybe circle back to this in a future episode and actually discuss what you’ve sent in, but we’ll, let’s see. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (01:36
So to start off, I’ve got a really quick, un-popular opinion, which is, I’m not going to shave for future podcast episodes. I know that popular opinion should be that I do shave, but the improper opinion is I don’t really care. So back to racing games, Justin Sutton, have you got an unpopular opinion for us to kick off? 
Justin Sutton: (01:53
Oh, wow, you’re coming to me. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (01:55
I’m just, I’m there. Boom. 
Justin Sutton: (01:56
Okay, well let’s do it. Gran Turismo until it comes to PC will be looked down on and rightfully. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (02:05
Whoa, what’s your reaction quickly on that, John? 
John Munro: (02:10
I can’t get, I just think it’s funny. I just think it’s, my initial reaction. I’m not sure, but I really want to see where this one goes because, It’s not something I’ve ever thought about. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (02:20
I’m halfway there with you to the final sentence you said, so go just fine. 
Justin Sutton: (02:25
So GranTurismo is only, is PlayStation only. It’s one of the few console or platform exclusive racing games at this point. And the platform that it’s exclusive to happens to be a console. And in fact, it’s one of the few kind of simulation console, exclusive racing games. And in fact might be the only one because of course, Forza games are now available on PC. All the other games like DiRT, Project Cars, etc, Need for Speed. These are all on absolutely every single platform. It’s incredible. The number of platforms that you can play games on these days. Actually. If you read an article on the Traxion website talking about a video game, usually at the bottom, you’ll find, Oh, it’s available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One Xbox Series X, PC, Google Stadia, so on and so forth. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (03:18
Don’t forget the Amazon streaming or whatever it’s called. 
Justin Sutton: (03:20
Exactly. It’s just an absolute insane amount of stuff, which is great. It gives people so many different ways to play and I love Gran Turismo. So it actually hurts me to say this. It really, really does, but Gran Turismo has got to get off PlayStation, as an exclusive anyway, and onto PC, it doesn’t need to come to Xbox. It’s fine. I understand that. That’s, that’s, that’s a bridge too far, but it’s got to come to PC. PC is not, they got to stop thinking of PC as a competitor and start thinking of it as just another place to sell their games. Microsoft Xbox that is Sony’s competitor for the PlayStation. The PC is not, and it brings a totally different group as well. I think the audience is too narrow on Gran Turismo. It’s not a small audience. It’s just too narrow. It’s a lot of very similar people playing on controller. Not as many people, there are people that play on wheel. No doubt about it, but not as many people that play on wheel. It’s a lot of controller people. And I really think that it’s a series that would benefit massively from, releasing on the PC. 
John Munro: (04:37
Spill the tea Tom, go on. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (04:43
No. I actually agree with the first point in that it will be looked down upon, I think that’s an important thing. Until it, if ever goes, there’s a large contingent of PC only players who will forever go, Oh, that’s just a console simcadey thing. So I fully agree with that sentiment. I also agree with that, yeah, It would reach a, maybe a bigger or different audience, but then would you say the same for Mario Kart, does that have to be on PC as well? 
Justin Sutton: (05:10
Yeah I would actually, but that’s never going to happen. Nintendo is like insane. Like they’re actually mental. I don’t think they will ever bring their games to PC. And I don’t think any amount of convincing would get them to do it. Even if you told them what you would make a trillion dollars, they’d be like, we’re not bothered. We’re just not interested in money, honestly, but Sony, on the other hand, they could be convinced. I think, I genuinely think that Sony could turn, you know what I mean? They’re a slightly more progressive company compared to Nintendo. Maybe because they’re newer, I don’t remember how old Sony is, but I know Nintendo has been around since like the 19th century. So, which is the 1800’s for those that don’t understand that. So I can understand why Nintendo wants to keep, their properties on there. I mean, and again, for those that don’t know, like Nintendo is crazy like, they won’t let people record videos of their games and then put it on the internet. Like that’s how insane, like, so they’re a lost cause. Okay. But Sony and Gran Turismo, they’re not too far, they could be saved. 
John Munro: (06:22
Well, that is actually what I was gonna speak about. Because is this really down to Sony? Fully down to Sony? Is it down to Polyphony or Polyphoni however you want to pronounce it? Is there a correct pronunciation for that? Tom, do you know? 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (06:34
John Munro: (06:34
Polyphony. Polyphony Digital. So, how much of this is down to them? How much of it’s down to Sony? Is this an agreement where this is a flagship title, we’re going to make sure that people, this is one of the few titles where we need this to be PlayStation exclusive, to ensure that customers continue to buy PlayStations. The issue you’ve got is if enough racing games are available from PlayStation that are also on PC, then people will obviously have to have a good enough PC to be able to, to have it running. And once they’ve done that, it’s very difficult to then go back and focus on consoles again. So are they maybe worried that this is going to take away from PlayStation sales and also obviously, as you talked about the link between Microsoft, PC’s and Xbox means that these games can be a lot more cross compatible more often, and it’s almost, there’s almost a danger there of basically here, taking players off the PlayStation, putting them on a PC, getting them set up to go, and then them leaving you in the, in the distance behind. So that’s why I’d be more concerned about. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (07:29
Hey, this is why it’s an unpopular opinion, right? There’s a whole, let’s not lose sight of the podcast today. I was just thinking, I could say this and this, this, no, it’s an unpopular opinion. Happy days. That’s what it is. 
Justin Sutton: (07:39
Just to clarify. I don’t think it deserves to be looked down on because of the quality of the game or anything like that. I believe it deserves to be looked down on because of the decision not to release it on other platforms. That’s the only, only thing I think Gran Turismo’s great, the company is great. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (07:54
Now at first I thought that’s a bit mental, but have you seen that there are a few older PS4 exclusive games developed by Sony reaching PC. So Day’s Gone is either just out or coming out soon and Horizon Zero Dawn did make it. And also if you think about Death Stranding, these are not racing games. I do apologize. That was a partnership where Sony published it, but it was kind of also on PC. Then there’s this crazy deal where the MLB game is developed by PlayStation Studios and is on Xbox, but that’s a whole other ball game, literally, pun intended. I just think that Gran Turismo is the tentpole, to use an awful marketing term, series. And I almost feel like GT 7, for example, is being developed specifically to show the power of the PS5 as a marketing tool. And so it’s there to sell more devices, as huge part of it, which is a challenge, but I understand where you’re coming from. And that’s why it’s an unpopular opinion. 
John Munro: (08:55
Is this down to what we want or is this down to what we think should, they should do? Do you know what I mean? Because there’s obviously a distinction between, I’m a PC gamer, mainly nowadays I used to be a PlayStation gamer. I play, I play racing games on the PC way more than I play on any console yet when I was growing up, GranTurismo was literally my favorite series of all. Um, and you know, I, my, my game time on recent GT titles has been so much lower and everyone bought GT six. Would I bought it on a PC? Absolutely. 100%. So there’s that balance as well. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (09:24
Yeah. And also GT in general is it’s not a full hardcore, same as you already mentioned, Justin, and you were talking about people playing on controllers. I mean, there’s that there has to be this, uh, I think it fills this space of a game that’s approachable, but still serious, and you still learn something from, and that younger audience can’t afford a $1,000 PC or the parents don’t want to buy it for Christmas. Whereas a £500, $500 PlayStation is more of an approachable thing with a controller without the wheel, without the rig. So it has it’s own niche is what I’m trying to say, I guess, 
Justin Sutton: (09:58
I think, and just touching on, uh, the tent pole, um, argument that you had. Yeah, I would say, um, just do what we’ve seen recently with, uh, platform exclusives. You know, you see games coming out on, uh, Epic, and then a year later it comes out on steam. Why not do something like that? You know, have it be a PlayStation exclusive for a year, that’s fine. You know, you want to sell console’s I get it, but then bring it to PC. Cause again, I don’t think PC is actually a competitor for PS4, as John said, you know, it’s like two separate things almost. And I, I dunno, it’s it’s, I think they would make more money by offering it on another platform then, you know, then if they get sell less consoles, you know what I mean? I think it would offset it by a higher amount. It would also work a lot for e-sports as well too. We’re talking way too much about my topic now! 

Tom Harrison-Lord: (10:54
That’s, that’s the popular opinion. And if anyone listening, agrees or disagrees, pop it in the comments, let us know, let us know you’ve got my mind racing and I think we’ll do a podcast about it. So that is un-popular opinion number one, and it’s safe to say it hit the nail on the head in terms of the briefing. This episode. Yeah, don’t worry. Uh, so John, have you got an unpopular racing game? 
Justin Sutton: (11:19
Oh God, I hope it’s not a Forza horizon related. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (11:22
I’m actually, I’m going to change the order of what I was going to say here, because you guys want to bring this chat away from this topic and I’m just going to say no, I’m going to stick another dagger in the heart of racing fans are in the globe. Um, and a particular Tom I think, because what I’m going to say is, and please bear with me on this one. Bear with me in this one, in my personal opinion, GT sport was the most disappointing recent game of the decade. Uh,  

Tom Harrison-Lord 
Oh my God!  
John Munro 
Um, so yeah. Hear me out on this one. Um, and I, the reason I moved this around is, cause I thought we just need to get GranTurismo nailed here because we’re being very well, quite nice to GranTurismo. 
John Munro: (12:15
And I’m not saying the GT sport is a bad game. I think he supports a great game. I think GranTurismo is possibly my favourite ever racing franchise. So please don’t take it the wrong way. My opinion. was is that GT sport was the most disappointing game, in my opinion of the decade. The reason for me that it was so disappointing was because with GranTurismo titles, the core element of the game, that for me, I’ve always loved about them since I was a kid, was the single player experience of GranTurismo mode. And the fact that you have to build up from the slowest cars, spend little bits of money racing around against other MX fives and old nineties, Micras and skylines, or whatever, to be able to afford a slightly better car. Now,  
Justin Sutton 
Suzuki cappuccino! 
John Munro  
exactly felt like a rocket ship. So, so, so the issue for me is that they, they completely disregarded that element of the game to create something different. And then I’m going to also say is fair enough. They didn’t call it GranTurismo 7. They called it Gran Turismo Sport. okay. But, but look at the release dates guys. Okay. So, so in between the first two GranTurismo games, there was two years, another two years then for the third one, we then had a three-year gap for the fourth one, six years for the fifth, one bit long, and then three years for the sixth one, as it stands right now, when GranTurismo seven is planning to come out, there’s going to be a nine year gap between GranTurismo six and GranTurismo seven. Now they’ve plugged the gap with a  game, which has got a totally different direction and focused on online racing, which is great, which is popular, but it’s lost the whole core purpose for me of what made GranTurismo so special. I know there’s gonna be an entire generation of kids nine years worth of, of, of their time where these kids do not have a current Gran Turismo that nails the GranTurismo mode. And for me, that is a massive disappointment, 
Justin Sutton: (13:55
Preach, Absolutely preach. That is not unpopular by my, I mean, I know Tom is livid, but 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (14:02
It isn’t a popular opinion. Right? Right. No, Don’t don’t worry about me. That’s all good. That’s all.  
John Munro 
No, definitely not worried! 
Justin Sutton: (14:15
Yeah. I agree. Completely. Just, just to expand on it. Um, yeah, I think you’re exactly right. I think it’s really, really unfortunate that we’ve lost the kind of that art of, single-player almost like role-playing game racing games, um, where the story is the progression, you know, you don’t have cut scenes and really cringey voiceover * Forza horizon*. Um, but you have your own story, you know what I mean? Where you’re, it’s, it’s like a choose your own adventure where you go from one series to another and you, and, and, you know, car purchases mean something. When you purchase a car, you are sort of like, it’s almost like virtual iRacing. Uh, back in the day you would purchase a car, but you know, bigger price tags, you purchase a car and then you would tune it up and you would go race this series. And you would, you know, through the course of this series, you would, uh, refine your, your tune, your setup and all that kind of stuff. And I think you’re exactly right, it’s it really is kind of like a lost art, the everything. So multiplayer focus these days. 
John Munro: (15:21
So just one thing quickly, title that as well. You know, you, you spend two hours to save up to 13,000 credits to buy your first quick used car. That’s quick enough to do anything other than the first two championships, right? If you get that purchase wrong, you can’t test these cars. If you buy the wrong spec of skyline, if you buy an MX5, that’s not an oil change and you don’t quite have the money to get it. Or you just bought a car that was slightly underpowered you, then you lose its value. You, you then need to sell the car, but it’s lost another couple of thousand credits and you’re back to square one. And you’ve got to go back to the lower series and do something that it can compete in. So it’s like every time you buy a car, it matters. You don’t just buy a car because it’s cool and you love it. And straight away you actually have to think, is this car gonna get me to the next championship, which will get me more money till I, me to buy the next car up from that. And it was like, it was as much of a business game. It was like running your own business simulator. It was brilliant. And, but for car nerds on kids. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (16:12
Yeah. I mean, um, my turn, I guess. No, no, no, I’m kidding. Your saying, your saying that it’s disappointed because it wasn’t like the previous Gran Turismo’s. that’s correct. It was a very different game. And as you said, that it’s a spin off thinking I’m not going to defend the game here because I think we should do a different podcast or maybe we should write an article about it. So that’s why it’s an unpopular opinion. I think what I would say is, um, the gap between releases is a bit of a misnomer in my opinion, because if you look at, uh, the, a lot of the modern gaming industry, it’s more about games as a service. So Assetto Corsa Competizione has evolved over three years and now it’s like the most popular thing that being played on steam at the minute and on console as well, if it was up in it and GranTurismo spot has had at three good years of solid monthly updates. So it was like a, I don’t know, it was almost, it was almost an experiment and it was an offshoot and therefore it completely missed the, what you loved about the Gran Turismo series. And what I hope is that they combine the online service and sport mode sport modes is the main core of the game with the collecting part when, with Gran Turismo coming next year. And that will hopefully appease all of our discussions apart for PC. 
John Munro: (17:30
Um, just on that one as well, clearly the nine year thing. Um, for me, I get what you’re saying. An online racing is more almost service-based where we’re games develop with the communities they get better, but you can’t tell me that technology hasn’t changed enough in nine years and cars themselves. Well you go and play the last Gran Turismo title that wasn’t a sport you’re looking at 2013 and there’s so many cars and so many things that are different since 2013, if they were to say, you know, here’s a 2013 modern F1 car kids know it is, you’re like, what’s that what’s, that squared off piece of junk. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (17:58
But they add all the new cars to it, like, uh, the GR Yaris and stuff like this, you know, that came to the game straight away. But I think actually the debate there is physics engines and track modeling and stuff has improved in that time. And I agree with that. And the game hasn’t improved in that, in that point of view 
John Munro  
But you’re talking about sport right?  
Tom Harrison-Lord  
Yes I am 
John Munro: (18:16
So I’m talking about like, if people want to play that mode, you know, where if you want to play off line and, you know, I get it, the cars get added to the, to the online game, but you know what I mean for this offline particular thing? Um, we’re still, you know, you’re talking to the newest car to get in gran turismo six is still nine years old. And that’s kind of where, I mean, in that game, like that needed update. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (18:38
All right. But sport does have the ability to buy cars and level up and stuff, but you’re right. It’s not, it’s just, it doesn’t have the thorough light. It has license tests, but they’re not quite the same. And it doesn’t have as big of a career. And I think the challenge was it didn’t launch with that. So everyone thinks it doesn’t have that, but actually arrived three or four months later. And then they added single player events over time, but it would have been better to have all that career at the start. So you could get the full on gran turismo vibes, right? Yes. And so, um, yeah, I don’t know. It, it’s not actually, is that unpopular opinion? Cause I think a lot of people have the same opinion, don’t they? And I think the people playing most sport probably more e-sports focused. I mean, that is the core of this game. And so I’ve started doing, I hate other people I don’t want to play. I just want to race against the AI. 
John Munro: (19:38
I know we’re going to move on to the unpopular opinion. Remember was that it was the most disappointing game of the decade. Right. And that’s why for me, that might be unpopular, but that’s it for me, 
Justin Sutton: (19:45
Was prototype in the same decade. Cause that was also pretty disappointing.  
Tom Harrison-Lord 
All right.  
Justin Sutton 
Now it’s your turn again? Tom 
Tom Harrison-Lord 
Mine is GranTurismo related mine is a Gran Turismo sport….haha I’m kidding 
Justin Sutton  
Should we just cut the podcast? Prerecord the intro… 
Tom Harrison-Lord 
No! My personal popular opinion is, is it that unpopular might be undone by the own, uh, premise of the podcast. I feel like the developers of the formula one game needs to start again.  
Justin Sutton 
John Munro: (20:29
I don’t think that, so that is an unpopular opinion in my eyes. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (20:32
One other person disagrees. Um, I really enjoy the F1 games. I think they’re great. And I think F1 2020 was the best one that they’ve done. Ultimately it’s based on technology from roughly, I heavily updated at least 10 years before that. And so what I would like to see is like a new game engine from, from scratch. And, um, with that, um, the ability to laser scan the tracks. Now I’d just like to clarify that just because a laser scanner doesn’t mean they’re good internet is how that’s interpreted and developed and implemented the game, but how the AI goes around it at all these things. I just feel that while the game modes are amazing and the career modes are great and I love the game play as a nice balance for control or wheel. Um, the track representations have fallen behind the pace of other games. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (21:25
And I hate to mention it again, assestto corsa Competizione or race trim competition, as it translate to it. It’s easy to forget that it’s an official game of a real life race series, right? GT world challenge and its track representations are far and above formula one. It makes me appreciate how, how much effort can go into that. And I know it’s gonna be a big job. I’m not saying for this year or maybe even next year, maybe they phase it in, but I just feel there needs to be, uh, I, I just worry. On paper the next gen version has the specs. I worry to see if that compares in real life to other competitors. 
John Munro: (22:04
Um, I’m intrigued that you said what you said right at the end there. Um, because in my initial thoughts, that opinion was, you’re talking like right now, this needs to change and why I was going to say to that is not yet because I still feel like, I feel like they’ve got a game there. That’s really good. Still. Okay. Yeah, you’re right. It’s falling behind in certain areas, but if they can just hold off a couple of years, PS five gets stabilized. Every more people have it and more technologies available. And also it will give the developers over a year of seeing how these cars work, the new cars. Cause it’s gonna be a big change in regulations. Remember for next year’s formula one season. Um, and I think if you, if you let that settle for another year, so built up while the game is still in a position where people are praising it and still seeing the game engines or the kids and improving every year, take advantage of that, give yourself a few more years of preparation and then go for it. When you, when you have that little bit more market research available, that’s just my personal opinion, but you kind of said the same thing at the end, phase it in, in a few years, 
Justin Sutton: (22:58
I agree completely, uh, actually by the way, um, I think it is in a good spot right now. And I think there, there, there’s sort of, but you’re right. There’s sort of like reaching the limits of what’s possible with that engine. Um, and I mean the game, the game looks good and it’s neat and stuff. Um, this was a small one that I was going to save for the end, but this is a great segway. Um, I had one unpopular opinion for the F1 games as well too, which kind of works in nicely here, which is that the F1 games need less story, not more, um, and a lot more, uh, focus on online and competition and broadcasting and maybe even dedicated servers for a small fee. You know, if you’re, if you run a league that’s very serious and you want to pay a little extra monthly something for dedicated servers for your league, that kind of stuff. 
Justin Sutton: (23:48
Cause, um, F1 e-sports is up there with like the biggest e-sports total at all. And it’s certainly one of the top three biggest, uh, racing e-sports I would say at this point in terms of viewership and the amount of money being thrown behind it and stuff like that. Um, but yeah, I think they’re, they’re really reaching a limit here and that, that kind of ties in with that. Um, and I think, I think they need to go a little bit more SIM we, uh, we’ve talked before about like that SIM/ARCADE divide and the percentages of, of the F1 games. And I think they need to lean a little bit more SIM and cause that seems to be where the crowd is going and that sort of stuff that seems to be, um, you know, they’re, they’re very competitive and stuff like that. Um, it’s based on a real life sport, so that makes sense as well too. So, um, yeah, I think, I think they need to, they need to change up the physics certainly is the, is the more important thing I think of the two things, the graphics are fine. Um, uh, but yeah, just the way that the cars handle and behave and all of that kind of stuff. Yeah. I think you’re, I think you’re right on that one. It’s, it’s a, it’s a bit harsh, but yeah. Yeah. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (25:04
But I just worry that how much headroom of the goal before, uh, you know, like you said, you can have as much story, the stories could be really good and I am really looking forward to playing it. The management element is great and looking forward to it, I like playing it online with friends like the classic cars, but at some point you need to have the feeling on, on the track, uh, the handling and the track representations and the realism to, to a degree where these are the things that must skin, any potential deficiencies for me, it’s how it handles false feedback with a wheel and, and bumps on the tracks in particular, um, quite fine, but it’s perfectly good, fun. And also it can be a bit more serious, but still appeal to the younger audience with a pad. Ultimately formula one has to appeal to the audience as well. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (25:50
Right. It has to be approachable, but they could add more tutorials in there. Uh, be more clear with the driving EDS and still give it a little bit of an edge and a bit more realism. And I think, I don’t just think that it needs to have a new game engine or a fresh start to do that, which will be difficult compared to some other Sims. Yeah, exactly. But anyway, I know a lot of people love it and they pop up in this perhaps just, just hopefully they have the resource of money now behind them from EA to solve, start doing some more different stuff in the background. That’s about the gameplay. Cause maybe the online e-sports thing is there is a limitation of what they’ve got the minute and the platform. I mean, I don’t know that, but true.  
John Munro  
It could be, it looks like it, it looks like the link. There’s a link between the way the physics are slightly floaty in my opinion. And what you say that cartoonish with the way it looks on an e-sports. I think there’s a link. There between the driving itself and the way it looks. It’s not just one thing kind of making it look worse than it is if that makes sense. Yeah. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (26:51
So whether that’s like a new engine from scratch or frostbite engine or whatever, you know, hold on to the podcast, but yeah, the popular opinion is right. That’s um, that start fresh with the game engine. So that’s, that was one so far just to, you gran turismo will be looked down upon, unless it’s on a PC and John said, I keep messing up, just started it. But it is that it was disappointing most as opposed to basically because of the expectations of previous games that you played in the series. Correct. Right. So let’s go on to our second one each. So we’ll go at the same order. So over you to Justin for another one about GranTurismo.  
Justin Sutton 
Forza motor sport is dead. Just bury it in the ground. It is dead. No one cares about forza motor sport, put all your resources on Forza horizon because it is the best racing game ever made in the history of time.  
Tom Harrision-Lord 
You got forza horizon in there! 
Justin Sutton 
Haha did that everyone drink at home. If you were playing the Justin mentioned as a horizon drinking game, you have to actually chug for like three seconds straight. 
Justin Sutton: (27:52
I like how you’ve managed to get that into unpopular opinions by using the segway of the motor sport title to see if you actually even have ever played the motor sport title in order to have a, 
Justin Sutton: (28:02
I have, I played the most recent one. Uh, I bought it, my friends all bought it, we bought it. Uh, so it came out between horizon three and horizon four if I remember correctly. So we were hut off. Uh, this was like a year after fourth horizon three came out hot off the heels of, I was streaming it on a, on a Twitch channel that wasn’t my own at the time with a group of friends and we were all having a blast and, you know, just, we were, we had 10 person lobbies, which is nearly the max, uh, on Forza horizon three. I think it was like 12 was the most that you could get in there. Um, and we were just loving life, just Forza horizon three was the best thing that had ever happened to all of us. Motorsport seven comes out, we all, you know, we all saw it at like E three and stuff like that. 
Justin Sutton: (28:46
And we’re like, right. It’s like the same thing, but on a track. So we’re bound to love it. Right. So we all bought it. I think I pre-ordered like the ultimate edition and stuff like that took it really, really seriously, really, really hyped for it. Um, and I think we spent one night playing it and like the interface was terrible. The driving was terrible. Absolutely everything. It was super confusing just to even get in a lobby together. Um, it was horribly un-intuitive and in the end, not that fun because it’s not realistic despite being, you know, the simulation version of, of their franchise or whatever. Um, so it didn’t satisfy people like me who were familiar with simulators and stuff like that. Um, but at the same time, it was completely unforgiving, uh, at other times with all the assists off for these guys playing on controller and stuff. 
Justin Sutton: (29:39
Um, so they felt like they were really just not having a good time as well. Um, the customization, um, just wasn’t there either. I mean, it felt worse than horizon three in every single respect. You know what that is the most disappointing game for me of the last 10 years. I’m changing my answer because yeah, I was super, super bummed about it. And I remember, um, there was like a PC demo that came out before even horizon three came out. Um, there was something called like Forza, apex, I think is what it was called. Um, and it was PC only. And it was essentially like a demo of Motorsport six. I think it was, um, or it was like a preview of Motorsports, seven, something like that. But you could, you could drive like a Ford GT 40, um, from the mid two thousands or whatever. Um, you could drive a Ford GT 40 around their fantasy track that they had that was in Brazil and it was really colorful and stuff like that. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (30:40
Yeah that was six. That was on the launch circuit. Yeah. 
Justin Sutton: (30:42
Yup, yup. Yup. Um, and, and it looked neat. It looked neat, but um, when it first came out, didn’t have any sort of wheel support whatsoever. Um, so that was a little disappointing for me. Um, and I was, you know, I was, I was a little, uh, cautious about the whole thing, but then horizon three came out after it looked great. And I was like, Oh, surely that means Motorsport seven is going to be amazing. Nope. Nope. It was terrible. I was so mad. I was so mad and I mean, it’s, it’s little things too. Like, um, you know, if you’re going to have a SIM game where you’re like on a closed circuit and stuff like that, you expect like static cameras to be positioned and stuff like that, but they don’t, they do the, like the replays and stuff do these weird, like flying cameras where they’re like alongside your car the whole time and you can’t see everything that’s going. It’s like small things like that, where it was like, who thought of this? Who said, yeah, that’s the right way to make this game. Like, Oh, it was unbelievably frustrating. Um, I’m curious to see how you guys feel, but forza motorsport seven actually really makes me upset. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (31:50
The upset I can tell, well, well this, I can kind of qualify, quantify with you. Why it’s, why it is an unpopular opinion, not why it’s wrong. Right. But it’s an unpopular opinion because on Metacritic, it is an 86 out of a hundred. 
Justin Sutton: (32:07
Yeah. And I’m not just saying like, horizon is better than Motorsport. I’m saying stop developing this game forever, It’s terrible. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (32:15).  
Woah terrible! 
Justin Sutton: (32:19
It’s awful.  
John Munro 
We don’t use words like that on traxion Justin. Come on. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (32:24
Oh, what do I think about that? Um, I think, and I hope that because you know, the teased, this new forza motor sport, right. To me without deliberately calling it forza motorsport eight at this point suggests. And the fact it’s been quite food years since seven, which you didn’t enjoy suggests to me that this is a reboot. Yeah. So I think maybe that’s, that’s it desperately needed a reboot. I would agree with you on that, but maybe let’s give it a chance of like a complete scratch from scratch. However, if, if the next one is around of the similar vein where yeah. It doesn’t have the real support, it’s supposed to be the serious one, but isn’t really there. Maybe there could be in strife and, and ultimately the sales figures don’t lie. I, you can’t, um, judge sales figures these days, I’m all about users. Cause especially cause it’s subscriptions and all this stuff, but the last sales figure for seven was about a million, a million and a half sold, which isn’t isn’t that much really. But anyway, that’s again, I still think there’s a community for it and that still play it online. So they follow it is an unpopular opinion and a rather strong one.  
John Munro: (33:42
Um, my, my thoughts. So I guess the most honest I can be about it and the best way I can describe it is Forza horizon four is horizon. Oh, I better not say that by mistake forza motor sport seven, um, was probably the, the game where this is the biggest game that I’ve been the most furthest away from being interested in ever buying. Because when I first, when it first got launched, I watched YouTubers who played it and stuff like that. I’ve always said I founded my SIM racing, but I’m also a fan of casual racing games. I’m always sticking up for games that are a little bit more friendly to the arcade race or the casual racer and everything I watched about that game just looked terrible to me personally, I was like the the driving did not look satisfying. The progression did not look satisfying. 
John Munro: (34:28
And, and I hark back to when I was younger and I, maybe this is only nostalgia, but when the first forza motorsport title, you know, the, one of the orange on the front of the Aston Martin, I think it was, and there was just that game had something so magical about it the way again, it’s that progression thing. It’s the way you start on the lower cars. And there was, there was something magic about it. That’s been completely lost in time. I feel like before forza sport. And I don’t think that’s just me saying that as, I mean, obviously I’m not very well qualified to say anything about it, cause I’ve not played it as such. I’ve played it in little bits at different things, but I’ve never owned it. Um, but from my, my perspective on the outside, there was games I used to look hugely up on and something magical. That’s now become something that I’ve no interest whatsoever in going near. Even if you, if you put it on my computer for free, I don’t think I’d try it. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (35:12
Yeah. I think they have done that to a lot of people. Uh, no, listen, I think, uh, just to be clear, um, I kind of agree. Um, I think we all kind of agree on those many things I could say right now about what I, wasn’t a huge fan of Forza Motorsport seven, but I do know that there are lots of listners and players out there who do enjoy it. So it lets us know what what’s best about. Maybe what, you know, , 
Justin Sutton: (35:38
And if it is better, cause again, I gave up on it after literally like a week, I was like, this is not fun at all. And I uninstalled it and I haven’t looked back, but maybe they fixed a lot of those inconveniences and lack of, uh, intuitive kind of stuff and everything. Again, we had problems even just getting into a lot. I mean it took like half an hour just for us to get into a race. And it was like, this is not, this is not. Yeah. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (36:04
I think, well, this podcast has been really good for is coming up with ideas for articles that other podcasts think we could go a full episode on that and maybe we should do so keep listening to subscribing we’ll dip into the falls and most like what we think they could do to improve it. What was not so great about seven in our opinion, why the review scores were so high and yet there’s, you know, there’s a detachment there. Um, but that’s an interesting point. Anything more to add on that one just before we move on to let me see. 
Justin Sutton: (36:33
Nope, and also I will say, I think you can do a lot of the motor sports stuff in horizon. So again, if you repurpose that team and put them to work in horizon and said here, make a closed circuit within horizon and you know, do that instead. I’m not saying kill it off. I’m just saying, bring it in, bring it, bring them together and, and, you know, focus more on the horizon side than on the Motorsport side, because that’s, what’s been selling better. I, you said a million for motor sport, I think horizon for whatever. Right, exactly. That’s 12 times 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (37:08
And the aforementioned GT spot on one platform has nearly 10. So it’s like, it’s like, I do think interest has waned off. Yeah. Generally as well. But anyway, anyway, I know the podcast is another podcast. Stop talking. All right, I’ll go to the next one. John, your second unpopular opinion, please 
John Munro: (37:25
I’ll keep this quite brief because it kind of links in with a few things we’ve been talking about. It brings bits of all these different unpopular opinions together. Um, and I was going to start with it, but we’ll, we’ll see what you guys think anyway. Um, I would say that games, which are focused mainly on single player, so single-player focused racing games that don’t make it an absolute grind to make progress and get to the faster cars are worse off because of it. And it’s damaging the single player racing game community. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (37:52
Ooh. Could you clarify that one again, please? Um, so 
John Munro: (37:55
Yeah, so, so my, no, basically what I’m saying is the fact that so many modern racing games, single player focused racing games, make it so easy to get to the fastest cars really quickly. It’s ruining that particular type of racing game. That genre, 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (38:13
You gonna have to back that up with an example.  
John Munro 
Do i?! 
Tom Harrison-Lord  
John Munro: (38:18
So it kind of, it kind of ties into what I’m saying there for, we don’t really like Forza motorsport seven too much, right? As far as FM7, I’m pretty sure you win your first two championships and you get a wheel spin and you can get like an Audi R18. And if you get lucky, like, you know, um, we look at other examples of, you know, talking about GranTurismo and stuff like that. It used to be that thing where you have to really work hard to at it, to be able to get the cars. It’s so much easier now, uh, you know, it’s sometimes the gift you it’s like welcome to play this game. Here’s a McLaren Senna with 900 horsepower and it’s like every single slow car in the game becomes entirely redundant and horizons. The most recent example for me of this. And I love Forza horizon. Eh, first time playing it for me recently. Absolutely love it. I’ve loved the title for it, but the one thing that ruins it or it doesn’t ruin it, that makes it worse for me is it’s way too easy to get fast cars. And it’s like, I was almost wanting to delete the gifts. I’m like, don’t give me anything. Please stop giving me the stupidly fast cars that make, make suddenly my old Ford Anglia redundant. I don’t want mangle it to be redundant. I want to drive it. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (39:18
Do you want to be Harry Potter? Um, I also think, yeah, just touching on that and I’m struggling to think of an example now, but again, let us know, but I definitely will be one sometimes with games is like the pre-order bonus of like a crazy supercar or you’re getting a premium edition with the crazy DLC, but is that a cheap? and it’s slightly different, slightly different, but related, uh, some of the milestone games MotoGP I’ve been playing recently, so it’s front of mind, you can actually buy the unlock to get more credits quicker, uh, from the star it’s similar, but it’s a different thing, John, I’m sorry. But I understand that there’s a similar mentality. It’s the, actually the joys, the grind. 
John Munro: (39:59
Yeah. I mean, I, I actually think that, um, sorry, just in Tuesday, I was just gonna say that the, um, I think it’s to do with the fact that probably it probably science to be fair. Science has proven in recent years that the attention span of kids since smartphones and everything’s got fascinated is so, so short. And I feel like what people do is they, they try to, it’s basically like trying to entice them in with these flashy things. And don’t worry, you don’t have to spend hours and hours doing this. You can do this in a short amount of time. And I feel like they’re looking too much at that side of things with a short attention span and kind of forgetting that, you know, when you play a game like that, it’s the journey you enjoy. It’s not the destination. When you, when you finally complete a game, that’s not the best part of playing it. You don’t suddenly go, Oh, I finally completed it now. It’s amazing. You go, Oh no, I wish I still had more to do. That would make me feel like I was getting somewhere. The journey is way more enjoyable than the destination. So make the journey harder. 
Justin Sutton: (40:46
Yeah, I agree. Completely. Um, and, and that’s the second time I’m agreeing with you now, which is unfortunate for this episode, but yeah, but you’re, you’re exactly right. And, um, I think it is more rewarding when there is that progression to it and, and I think a good modern example of something like that. It’s not perfect, but is wreckfest, wreckfest does a really good job in the, um, in the career mode of starting you off with like pretty slow stuff and working your way up, you can kind of get through it pretty quickly. So it’s, it’s not as intense as the old GT  games or, or, uh, Tokyo extreme racer games and those, those other types of, um, I would say Japanese PS1, PS2 era, uh, games 
Justin Sutton: (41:34
In particular were really, I think, where you got that style progression. Yeah, exactly. Um, uh, and it was really impressive, but wreckfest does a good job. For example, I’ve been playing wreckfest now for, I don’t even know how long it’s right. Yeah. And I’ve had it since like 2015 or something. So I’ve got 200 plus hours in it or something. I still don’t own every single car. Um, and I have not had the opportunity yet to own every single car. And part of that is because I keep spending money on upgrading cars. So if you wanted to, yes, you could spend all your money on buying the cars and completing your garage and making sure you have everything. Um, but what I prefer to do is to spend my money on, uh, one car and then two, and then, you know, upgrade it to, to be the way that I want it to be. 
Justin Sutton: (42:24
Um, and I think it does a much better job of that sense of progression because I remember the last time I played wreckfest, which was pretty recently, um, it was last week. In fact, the last, last time I played wreckfest, I was like, Oh right. I still don’t have all the cars. Like, it just dawned on me. Like it, it had been forever since I’d even looked. And I was like, Oh right. I don’t have all the cars. And I went and I looked and there was, I was like, Ooh, I want this one. And I want this one and I want this one and I couldn’t afford even one of them. Never mind all of them. So, um, yeah, I th I think wreckfest is a great modern example and it’s surprising that it’s on PC as well, because again, it’s, it tends to be the console single-player racing games that have the really good progression and stuff. So, um, I think wreckfest is a really good kind of outlier 
John Munro: (43:09
Relative, isn’t it? So it’s like, there’s no problem with being able to drive the fastest car after four hours. If the game is like a five hour experience playing through the career mode, right? So like wreckfest, for example, the career modes, not actually that long, but you start in slow cars and you, you, you don’t drive a fast car until you’re 75% of the way through, at which point it’s like, you’ve made it congrats. Here’s your reward go and drive this fast car. I think, you know, you got other games where it might take three hours to be able to drive the fastest car, but that’s just because the first layer is roll tutorials. And the actual game is designed that you play it for days and days. And I don’t want to be driving a McLaren Senna 1% into my experience of the game. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (43:43
Yeah. Oh, I think a couple of things in my head then I could actually use GT Sport as the example, but I think that’s for another time! That’s, I’ve, we’ve covered that, but I think what you’re saying, John, and I agree, it’s kind of like, you know, imagine when you did like all your chores or some homework as a child and might have got a reward, you might’ve got some pocket money. Oh, you cleaned the bathroom. Here’s your pocket. No, you did your paper around immuno imagine just receiving that money without having to do any of the effort. It doesn’t, it’s not a good habit. It’s kind of like, uh, you know, Lance Stroll knows he has a F1 drive, I wouldn’t drive because that he will pay for it. Right. So does he help that final 2% then another driver that’s desperate to try and get the next contract has. I’m not sure. And it’s a similar thing in my opinion, anyway. 
Justin Sutton: (44:27
Yeah, no, I see the connection. We enjoy 
John Munro: (44:29
Peril. We enjoy parallel. We being like, Oh no, I need to be able to do this. Can I do this? 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (44:32
Oh, I’m going to stay into the gaming stereotype. But you know, it’s like demon souls when you actually finally defeat the boss, it feels amazing. But getting to that point is basically impossible. All right. So that’s, that’s another good one. And that wasn’t game specific in a way. So a nice one, John. All right. So, uh, two down each apart from me. So I’m next. I’ll go with one. Are you ready? Yeah. Actually in some circles, this is a controversial opinion. And in other circles, no one gives a crap because I haven’t heard about the game. I think ultimately Automobilista 2 isn’t bad. Okay. And a huge part of the PC SIM community, which is big, but also sometimes relatively niche as well. It’s a bit of a weird, um, they love to hate on it cause it was very different to the first one, uh, on the YouTube channel, Traxion,gg TY channel. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (45:23
John has actually done a little video video covering some of the pros and cons of each not. Um, and I think we could also do another podcast about this in the future, but for me, uh, the first one came out and it wasn’t, I know a lot of people play it, but it wasn’t a huge sales success. I think that’s important to bear in mind. It was using the ISI motor engine, which was also using the first R factor game. Another beloved title that didn’t sell tens of millions of copies. It’s also might not know it was hugely popular and everyone loves it. I’m not saying it’s good or bad, um, ultimately it’s the two came out and it used the project cars, madness game engine, which is controversial, but that means that it’s not as good to drive as the original. And in many ways, it still doesn’t give you that sense of satisfaction from simply driving a car around a lap. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (46:14
But what it does mean is it can look significantly better. It can have this, um, incredible weather system in the game. Uh, it gives them, uh, loads of tracks that are already modelled like the British tracks. Whereas Automobilista 2 there’s a lot of Brazilian tracks in ultimate release the two, but the first one really only had had that. Whereas you’ve got, unless you had mods. So this has like, you know, Donington Park, Spa in there, which I’m sure there’s a relationship from project cars too, to get them in the game to start with same with some of the cars, some of the LMP prototype cars and stuff. There were also in the project cars game and they’re sort of transferred across and then they’ve also been able to work on it and improve upon it and make it better than project cars to now. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (46:55
So it doesn’t drive as well as the first Automobilista I get it. I do, I do get it, but it’s a diff it’s become not a different game, but it’s a more accessible game. That’s still serious. And then another topic we’ll talk about another time is I think it’s perfect for a console version, but that’s, I digress.  
Justin Sutton 
Would you, would you say it’s what project cars three should have been? 
Tom Harrison-Lord 
Oh, I wasn’t gonna say I wasn’t gonna say I fully agree. I, I, I absolutely think that this, this is what project cars  should have been, and they’ve done a really good job. It’s by riser studios who are Brazilian, they have a work rate, like no one else does like a new update car every, 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (47:30
Every week or every other week, always on a Saturday at midnight, for some reason. Yeah. 
Justin Sutton: (47:34
I was going to mention that, actually. I know you love how they update. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (47:39
No one can write about your stuff for the weekend.  
John Munro 
So I don’t want to add too much because I covered loads of this in the video. So for my, for my full analysis, go and check out the video. Um, and it, and it was opinion based, but obviously I was being as objective as possible. So what I would say is I completely agree. And I think the reason your opinion is unpopular, it’s not because it’s wrong. It’s because the people that dislike it, shout the loudest.  
Tom Harrison-Lord 
So expectations as well. Isn’t it?  
John Munro 
Yeah, exactly. And what you find is that you’ve got, you’ve got a core of, of hardcore ultimate Automobilista fans. I’m not talking about all Automobilista  fans, of course, but it’s the people that really enjoyed Automobilista formed a small community and it’s tight knit and they love the game cause it’s really good to, which is totally right. 
John Munro: (48:20
It’s correct. So then when Automobilista 2 comes along and is kind of like opening arms to everyone else being, Hey, you guys can come join us. Two people got hurt by it. And it’s like, wow, this doesn’t drive as well. And it’s taken away what I loved about the first one. And I think it’s kind of like when your favourite band finds a slightly different genre of music that makes them more popular, but you didn’t like it quite as much as their first album, but for them they’re making loads more money and Willow’s more people are enjoying their music. And it’s a little bit like that, you know, Automobilista 2 to two is actually a good game. It drives well, if not equate as realistically as Automobilista 1, but it’s so much more accessible. Yeah, absolutely. And it still bridges that gap. It’s like the it’s a great start or SIM for someone getting in SIM racing, the top drivers on Automobilista 2. The two are as good as the top drivers on anything else. And the, for me, it’s the accessibility, the VR support. It’s not a multiple, you have to try and work out. It’s integrated into the game. The weather, as you say is phenomenal. So, um, yeah, I totally agree with that one, but you’re right. That it is unpopular on the face of it. I’m not sure if it’s really an unpopular opinion, 
Tom Harrison-Lord 
So you’re saying it’s the Muse or Radiohead of the gaming world, whether it’s style, 
Justin Sutton: (49:20
I will say, um, I haven’t played Automobilista 2, but I have played Automobilista 1 and what turned me off on it was how unuser friendly. It was in fact, um, I got it like day one when it came out and it had, I think I was still on my logitech driving force to GT at the time 
Justin Sutton: (49:43
I was still on that wheel. And, um, it didn’t have like out of the box support. It wasn’t just boom, you select the wheel. Boom. You’re good to go. I remember spending like an hour or two, you know, cause like the wheel was turning the wrong direction. Uh, you know, so I turned left and the car goes right and the brakes of the gas and the gas is the brakes and everything was backwards and just nothing felt right. And I spent hours trying to mess with it and I never actually did get it. Um, I never did. I never did get it functioning properly. And I ended up, I ended up just giving up on it entirely. And another game, uh, that I ended up giving up on entirely that we’re talking about. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (50:23
Well podcasts in my experience, there might be other people who disagree. The second one just works 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (50:28
It’s it said it on. Right. And I just want a nice interface, like maybe a console centric one, but it doesn’t have a career mode at the minute, which I think lacking. That’s not going to the pros and cons of it so much. Yeah. Like I said, there’s John’s video and we could write something about it. But uh, yeah, it’s just a, it’s a really, you know, some other sims, you turn it on and it’s in like this tiny little window and it has no controls assigned. I didn’t have that experience with Automobilista at all. It seems like really polished and straightforward that’s, which is another reason. And I just think you see a misunderstood and it’s, it’s slightly different. And so I think he’s okay. I’m not saying this greatest game of it, just to clarify Automobilista 2 is okay.  
Tom Harrison-Lord 
There you go. All right. So now we’re just going to finish off the podcast with a couple of rapid fire ones. So we’re not going to go full in depth as to whether we agree or disagree. We’re not gonna mention GT spot or Forza again, but we’re going to tell, Oh, we might do. Who knows? Um, I’m just going to go quickly through a couple of really short ones. A couple of minutes on each one. So justin you go first, if that’s okay  
Justin Sutton: (51:29
I have Just one final one. So you don’t have To come back to me a second time 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (51:31).  
Justin Sutton: (51:35
Um, it’s really quick. It’s also really controversial for anybody who plays this game. Uh, especially the diehards wreckfest needs an all wheel drive rally. 
Justin Sutton: (51:50
Just one that is very specific. Just one, just one, but it needs All wheel drive, rally car, right? Um, for those that are really into their wreckfest, like I am, uh, you will know that all vehicles in the game are either rear wheel drive or front-wheel drive. There is no all wheel drive cars in the game. And I think it’s because the tracks are very, very dirty, you know, they’re, they’re gravelled, they’re dirt, all that kind of stuff. And all wheel drive car would have a massive advantage over. So, uh, I would say maybe make it its own class as well, too. So, um, you have the standard classes of, uh, C, B, and A, uh, within, within the game, you know, the, a class cars are the fastest C-Class cars are the slowest. Um, maybe you make it, uh, a w class or something. I don’t know, a Z class X class. I have no idea do whatever you want, call it, whatever you want. 
Justin Sutton: (52:39
Um, but I would love to have a single all wheel drive and it doesn’t have to be, you know, keep it like a banger car, uh, you know, um, the folk racing type car, you know, absolutely keep that, you know, have it look broken in and jacked up and everything like that. Totally. Um, maybe have it be like a nineties Subaru kind of look to it. Um, maybe even like a Subaru legacy. So it’s not even like a really desirable Evo or WRX STI, but just kind of like, you know, a family car that happens to have all wheel drive. Yeah, exactly. Um, uh, I think that would re it would open up a lot of stuff. Uh, again, you, you couldn’t really race it against the rear wheel drive and front wheel, you know, cause then you’re getting into a whole balance of performance. 
John Munro: (53:21
Can I just add though? I do believe literally as of the day, I think we’re recording this, that the recent DLC pack contains cars. And I believe that we have a four wheel drive in there though. I, the reason I believe that I’ve not purchased this pack  

Tom Harrison-Lord: (53:38
there is a jeep, a pickup, uh, 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (53:41
When I went off producer Cameron, who is listening to us right now, he’ll be biting his tongue. I was sitting on the start line on this track, ready to go away. I go from the line straight into the lead, wait a minute, what’s this guy shouldn’t pass me in second gear, four wheel drive off the lane. So I do believe, I mean, obviously this has just happened, but you might get what you wish for Justin. You might get one. Yeah. 
Justin Sutton: (54:01
And that is very controversial though, because again, wreckfest, historically every car, either front wheel drive or rear wheel drive, and this is a game that’s been along for a really, really long time. Um, so yeah, I’m very interested about that, but yes, I, I knew that came out and I did get it for free because I do own season pass two and I’ve already downloaded the content. I just haven’t actually had time to go in and test it out yet. 
John Munro: (54:23
this is very new, actually 
Justin Sutton: (54:25
We ha we, we ha we’ve had buggies sort of, there’s a bugzilla. Um, and we’ve had, uh, trucks and SUV’s and stuff like that, but they’ve all been rear wheel drive. We have not actually had an all wheel drive vehicle yet in wreckfest. So, uh, by the time this goes out, we will have figured out whether or not these vehicles are all-wheel drive, but it’s controversial either way, whether they added them or whether I’m just asking for them, because it’s a game that’s been around for so long and has been a two wheel driven the entire time. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (54:54
Yeah. Even the skyline rip off is a rear wheel drive. Right? Yep. So that was just in two seconds, two minutes, popular opinions finish off. I’m just trying to think of another one. So what I’m doing now, John, what’s your rapid fire one or two to finish up. 
John Munro: (55:08
This is an unpopular opinion slash statement to hurt people’s feelings, but the opinion is there. Well, the opinion is that SIM racers are no better than arcade racing. Fans are no more important. Uh, the reason I think that’s unpopular is because based on what I see all the time on social media and some sim racing groups and everything, some racers, and I don’t mean everyone. I mean, as a collective group of people, far too many of them look down on anyone who doesn’t have the best wheel looked down on anyone who uses chase cam looked down on anyone who uses traction control. Just stop it, cut it out. Sim racing is amazing. It’s great. We all love it. And the more realistic you make it, it can get better in a lot of situations. However, how are people going to get into some racing if they can at least learn it at their own pace? Why is it, why does it bother you that your friend needs traction control and chase cam? Maybe he’s better than you on track to control and chase cam. And that’s what bothers you. And if that’s the case, fine, have a good race learn to be faster than them. And I’m sure they’ll get to a wheel eventually if they really do enjoy it. But stop, please looking down on arcade. Racers are people who are doing it for fun. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (56:08
Didn’t you get the memo though. If you use abs you’re inferior john? 
Justin Sutton: (56:17
Tom Harrison-Lord: (56:17
Made a point. Sorry. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, no, no, no. Yeah. Okay. So that’s a couple of good opinions there. And I had a couple that I was thinking of, uh, one was about game pass, but I might, I might, that needs a longer discussion, uh, for another time. So I’m just going to end with the, 
Justin Sutton 
Is it like game pass is rubbish, like leaving me on the edge of my seat because,  
Tom Harrison-Lord 
It’s often it’s a popular opinion that it’s great for everybody. I actually think that if you have a particular taste of a certain type of game, then the subscription costs. If you think about how much you’re spending per year, it’s probably best to just buy the two racing games or two new shooting games and maybe get it on a trial and stuff like this. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (57:05
Try it out. It’s a really amazing service. A lot of people love it. It’s really good value. Um, as a racing game fun fun though, uh, if I’m going to be, if I’m really into the genre, I’m going to buy whatever’s new coming out and other than Forza, every other game will not be on game pass day one. So I probably am going to end up buying anyway, even at a discount a few weeks later or a release. And so then if I’m also subscribing, that’s actually not saving me any money, but if you’re really into old Bethesda games and all the EA games, and instead of buying them, you know, amazing service, right. And there’s also lots of new indie games that come to it as well. but I just, my unpopular opinion perhaps then, which I wasn’t going to say it, but now I’ve gone off on it is that people think it’s for everybody and it’s not for everybody. 
Tom Harrison-Lord: (57:51
People think it’s the answer to everything. And it’s supplementary provided. You can afford it alongside, buying some other games that come out and you get caught up in the hype off. Does it not?  
John Munro 
There’s an article in there somewhere.  
Tom Harrison-Lord 
Yeah. And I think we’ve said that for every argument, right? So I think that neatly wraps up this particular podcast of unpopular opinions. And like I said, right at the start, we’d like to get your unpopular opinions. And also just to clarify, we know they are unpopular opinions as a hypertensive propensity. Let me get my words out that you disagree with this, but that’s okay. That’s part of gaming Sims and e-sports, that’s why we’re here. And that’s why we’ve got this podcast. So do let us know the website comments and on YouTube while you’re there, visit your website on a daily basis, it’s always dated it’s traxion.gg, or just search traxion, subscribe to our podcast. It’s free. Just helps us out on, uh, Apple’s Spotify, um, pocket cast, wherever you listen to your podcasts, subscribe to the YouTube channel as well. And we’ll be back here next week on your favorite podcast app for more episodes very soon. 

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