Unlock F1 24 game items by winning with Alonso

Thomas Harrison-Lord
A limited-time race scenario within the F1 24 game sees you race as the 32-time grand prix winner.
Unlock F1 24 items by winning with Alonso

A new F1 World race scenario challenge is live today, 3rd July, within F1 24 – allowing players the chance to unlock a new livery and racewear items.

The event is open for 13 days and places you in the lead of a race at Silverstone, with Fernando Alonso in the Aston Martin. You have five laps to hold on.

Once you’ve tried the event, multiple factors (achieving the main objective, completion time, best lap time, clean driving, flashback usage, assists and difficulty) are taken into consideration. Your score places you on a leaderboard.

Fernando Alonso F1 24 Game

At the end of the event, your ranking determines which rewards you receive. Simply complete it to receive a green/light green set of gloves that can be applied to your driver’s outfit. Finish in the 50% and you also get a race suit and crash helmet.

Finishing in the top 30% nets you a car livery for F1 World use in a matching ‘electric lime’ theme.

Publisher Electronic Arts states that the challenge is based upon “Alonso’s spectacular victory at the 2011 British Grand Prix.”

Electric Lime F1 24 livery

A shame that matching classic content is not present in the game, mind.

The ‘Alonso Silverstone 2011 Flashback’ event can be found within F1 World, and then the ‘Solo & Multiplayer Events’ sub-menu.

Challenge Career too

The 42-year-old Spaniard is also currently Challenge Career’s totem.

Fernando Alonso F1 24 Challenge Career

The first episode is also live now, following the initial Charles Leclerc career, with just over six days remaining. It will see you try to win seven races as Alonso to unlock a “unique” radio clip, compendium stickers and, key for F1 World players, critical insight points.

Those who finished within the top 30% of players will pick up a Challenge Career Trophy.

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