Turbo Sliders Unlimited coming to Steam Early Access 27th April

Turbo Sliders Unlimited coming to Steam Early Access 27th April

Announced back in December 2021, Turbo Sliders Unlimited is a new indie game that’s coming to Steam Early Access on 27th April. A new trailer for it was released on Tuesday (22nd March 2022) announcing the move to Early Access, and the hope is to get community feedback towards the game before it fully releases.

Turbo Sliders Unlimited is a racing game, inspired from some of those classic top-down arcade racers. The game developers hope that this title will be a “community-driven” platform, as there will be level creation included, as well as vehicle customization and different possible game mode combinations. They also hope that it can be taken both seriously and casually. I think I saw esports mentioned at one point?

When it fully comes out, there will be single player, online multiplayer for up to 20 players, and local multiplayer for up to four people, which the developer Antti Mannisto describes as “couch gaming”, which I will now use in my daily vocabulary with my family and friends, thank you very much. On top of all of that, there will be online leaderboards for hot laps with ghost cars included.

Turbo Sliders Unlimited coming to Steam Early Access 27th April
“Sumo” Mode

Besides racing, there will be other game modes like parkour, platforming, sumo, which are specifically named and promoted on social. A battle mode and a soccer mode, maybe akin to Rocket League, are also planned at some point. Honestly, with some of the videos we’ve seen, the physics kind of reminds us of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, but with cars instead of beans.

While there is a lot going on in such a small package as of now, the aim seems to be that they hope to be that game that’s like a Swiss army knife – one tool that does it all. Racing, crashing, sports, creation, fun, or serious business, Turbo Sliders Unlimited is trying to be all of that and more. We’ll be keeping our eyes out for it when it drops.

Check out the full trailer below. The game, per the website, will be on PC via Steam at first only at the price point of $14.99 USD or a region-specified equivalent. What do you think of these Turbo Sliders? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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