Traxion returns – welcome to the paddock

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Traxion returns - welcome to the paddock

It’s been a while…

Over 5,000 articles, 1,000 YouTube videos and 100 podcast episodes.

Traxion was by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. Hardcore sim racers, racing game fans and Forza Horizon 5 treasure hunters.

It existed to enlighten and entertain. To help grow the sim racing scene. To bring more people in, regardless of their game of choice or platform. To shine a light on competitive competitions.

For over two and a half years, we had the privilege of writing, researching, editing and producing content about our favourite pastime – virtual driving.

Motorsport Games enabled that. It hired the team. It supported us. It gave us total editorial freedom. It created dream jobs for the Traxion team.

It also shut us down.

While we cried like Michael Corleone at the end of The Godfather Part III, a cursory glance at the parent company’s balance sheet and the hurdles it was trying to overcome meant the move was hardly out of the blue.

Michael Corleone at the end of The Godfather Part III 01
Michael Corleone, The Godfather Part III. Image: Taste of Cinema/Paramount Pictures

So, following cuts earlier in the year, on 1st November 2023, we published our final ever video. Two days later, our final article and social media posts.

The remaining team disbanded, seeking other roles.

Little did we know, however, that several parties were interested in continuing Traxion’s legacy.

Earlier this month it was announced that RAFA Racing Club had purchased the Traxion brand and its remaining assets to sit alongside sim racing community ecosystem Grid Finder.

It means that instead of a division, or brand, within a larger company, Traxion is now a registered company in its own right as a subsidiary of RAFA Racing Club.

Traxion, Grid Finder, RAFA Racing Club

Today, Traxion is back.

The majority of the same team returns too, and with the same mission – to inform and entertain sim racing fans through engaging content.

Those not joining us for the ride have thankfully found new missions and roles elsewhere, and we are forever indebted to them for helping make Traxion what it was, is and will be.

Thank you to RAFA Racing Club and Motorsport Games for doing the deal – the latter could have used the brand name itself, or just sat on it. But, the team there made it work.

Initially, we will focus on the YouTube channel with John Munro and Oasley Beattie at the helm, and the website with Thomas Harrison-Lord and Ross McGregor.

Tom Bunten, aka “Tom from Grid Finder”, is our new CEO alongside Chris Honniball as CTO and support from the existing Grid Finder marketing team. We also hope to see other familiar and new faces over time.

We have exciting plans for expansion and content – such as a return for the podcast with some tweaks, a new website comments system and sim racing marketplaces – but we are determined to walk before we can run. An endurance race is ahead.

As of today, Traxion is here and thankful for your unwavering support. Without it, there wouldn’t be a case for our existence.

Welcome to the paddock.

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