Trackmania’s latest update modifies Royal mode and Map Editor

Trackmania’s latest update modifies Royal mode and Map Editor

The free-to-play, with optional subscription, Trackmania has received an update today (26th January) with some significant changes.

Chief of which is the ability to modify the time limit in Royal time attack mode. For the uninitiated, Royal mode sees you participate in five different maps within a team. It is your job to make it through five stages within a map, with the slowest two teams being knocked out after the end of the three-minute round.

The final map contains three teams, with the fastest team being declared the winner. This new update provides those who are setting up Royal events, with the Trackmania Club Access, extra flexibility to craft the perfect competition.

The Map Editor has also received a tweak. RAM usage on the PC-only title has been optimised when using custom items for a smoother experience, thanks to items only loading when in use instead of all at once.

Trackmania Map Editor

There’s also a bevy of smaller changes and fixes, such as a remedy for lag spikes when playing a multilap track for a long time, which we’ve listed below.

The update also acts as a reminder that the Trackmania Grand League Mid-Season Invitational esports event is running this weekend, 29th and 20th January. As it happens, Trackmania was the seventh most-watched game on Twitch in 2021.

Trackmania January update changelog


  • Fix a script crash when trying to access Summer 2020 in the Solo menu
  • Fix lag spikes when playing a multilap track for a long time
  • Fix wrong trophies greyed out in the trophy history
  • Fix blue reactor boost and wrong up/down reactor boost in replays
  • Improve performance in map editor when using custom items. It improves the RAM usage: instead of loading all the custom items at once, it will only load items when they are used in the map. Drawback: BlockModels in the API do not contain the custom items anymore.

Maniascript & Game Modes

  • Add UpDirection, LeftDirection and AimRoll to the CSmPlayer class
  • Fix the reset of fragile penalty with SetPlayer_Delayed_Reset
  • Add possibility to modify time limit in Royal time attack mode

Source: Ubisoft

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