Trackmania Spring 2022 campaign brings new UI, new map blocks

Justin Melillo
Trackmania Spring 2022 campaign brings new UI, new track blocks

To end the month of March and start off April, Trackmania‘s Spring 2022 campaign was released on Friday (1st April 2022) with a ton of updates that dropped on both Thursday and Friday. The Spring 2022 campaign is the eighth seasonal campaign that they’ve done, and comes with 25 new maps, 100 new medals and more than 130 new blocks and items.

One of the new blocks to utilize in creation is an Item Fogger, basically adding a fog machine to anywhere you’d like on your created tracks. It could definitely add a new level of difficulty if placed in areas where vision might be key. Other fixes and additions were included in the latest update. Check the changelogs below.


  • Menu rework! We started to rework the global look and feel of the menu. The architecture stays almost the same. Not everything has been done yet, it will get updated, piece by piece, over the next months (new campaign and room display, new track browser, new profile, etc.).
  • New club widget in the top right of the menu: if you have a club pinned, it will be displayed in this widget and accessible at all time. If you don’t have the Club Access or any club pinned, then it will rotate between the top 3 clubs at the moment.
  • New club activity feature: you can now feature one activity in a club, it will be displayed with a star in your club and it will be shown in the club widget when your club is displayed. Use it as a way to advertise your newest activity to your members!
  • New favorite track feature: You can now add tracks as favorite from the pause menu ingame and find them directly in your favorite folder in the track browser.
  • You can access profiles in track and campaign rankings in the campaign display.
  • Add news display from Ubisoft Connect in the main menu. They will be clickable in an upcoming update.
  • Creating a local server will not create a temp matchsettings anymore. You can clean up and remove all temp match settings.
  • Fix some water physic bugs (forces weren’t apply at the accurate place).
  • Fix car and camera shaking when spawning on water.
  • Boost messages aren’t display multiple time any more if you trigger the same boost.
  • Can now pick Macroblocks with Ctrl and delete them as a whole.
  • Added 130 new blocks and items (see the list below).

Complete block and item list:

  • IceRoadWithWall 
  • ○ Specials
  • ○ Racing (start, finish, checkpoint)
  • IceRoadDiags (all WithWall)
  • ○ complete RoadDiag kit
  • ○ Specials
  • ○ Racing (start, finish, checkpoint)
  • DecoPlatform (3 penalty surfaces)
  • ○ Slope2
  • ○ Slope
  • ○ BaseWithHole
  • ○ BaseDiags
  • ○ ToDecoWall
  • PlatformHillsShort (4 platform gameplay surfaces)
  • ○ Slopes from Platform to DecoPlatform
  • Water (Road and Platform)
  • ○ All Specials
  • ○ Racing (start, finish, checkpoint)
  • GateSpecials Oriented (work like road specials): 
  • ○ Turbos
  • ○ Boosts
  • ItemGateRacing
  • ○ L Shaped (slalom gates)
  • ○ Checkpoint Left and Right
  • ○ Finish
  • ○ can connect with SupportTubes’ magnets
  • ItemGateSpecials 
  • ○ same as big rings gates but without the ring and a lot smaller
  • ○ all specials
  • ○ available in 4m 8m 16m
  • ○ can connect with SupportTubes magnets
  • Item Fogger
  • ○ creates smoke particles and real fog volumes in the map
  • Added visual effect on Gates triggers to help visualize their volume
  • Removed GateSpecialBoost (Up), replaced by oriented version (see above)
  • Removed PlatformDecals from PlatformSpecials
  • Added icons for ItemsScreens 16×9 & 2×3


  • New Spring 2022 campaign with 25 new maps!
  • New profile UI design
  • Fix friends list not displayed in Ranked and Royal game modes
  • Fix Cup of The Day timer
  • Fix impossibility to edit a map with a custom map type
  • Fix spawn on the newly added checkpoint items
  • Fix a script crash in the matchsettings
  • Fix inversion of images in mediatracker

Images thanks to Trackmania

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