TrackDayR continues to evolve, adds new rider animations and motorcycle

TrackDayR continues to evolve, adds new rider animations and motorcycle

The motorcycle simulator, TrackDayR, continues its Early Access evolution thanks to the release of Build

The two headline items here are a new 300cc Superbike and an all-new rider model with smoother animations.

The 300pro Superbike isn’t a stupidly fast ride, as you may expect, but instead a reduced-power variant that provides a racing experience at lower speeds so you can learn the circuits and serious handling setup.

The new rider model adds more visual detail and more linear responses. Oh, and, you can flip the bird by pressing right on the d-pad.

As with every TrackDayR update at this point, there is a suite of smaller physics updates and hotfixes, which we’ve included below. Last month, American Big Twins were added to the in-progress title and the roadmap promises 10 major updates along its first year.

TrackDayR Build changelog


  • 300cc Superbike
  • New rider model

**Template will be released soon and all the old suits design have to be re-created**


  • Hotfix 10″ tires compound
  • Hotfix leaning controll on wheelie
  • Hotfix ycf handling
  • Hotfix very low speed crash
  • Hotfix trouble raise bikes
  • Fix Polini Handles
  • Bugfix camera


  • Side and Forward force computation for rear wheel
  • Front Wobble
  • Engine shift foot and hand
  • Front transfer load on leaning
  • Direct Leaning fixed
  • Front Load stabilization
  • Centrifugal Force distribution to suspension fix
  • rear springs inclination
  • Fix EB 1000pro


  • Add Big Twin category
  • Add Polini 135
  • Avatar crash system


  • Throotle on animation fix
  • Avatar skin
  • Avatar animations
  • Avatar gimoto skin
  • New animation system
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