Tomasz Wach wins rFactor 2 Race of the Season at Nurburgring

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The second rFactor 2 Race of the Season took place at the Nurburgring Nordschleife, using the Ligier 320 LMP3, and was won by Tomasz Wach after 45 minutes of racing.
Tomasz Wach wins rFactor 2 Race of the Season at Nurburgring

The second of the rFactor 2 Race of the Season events took place on Sunday evening (8th May) in the Ligier JS P320 LMP3 at the famed Nurburgring Nordschleife. Sim racers qualified for the top split through the rFactor 2 competition system and 27 of the top timed drivers took to the starting grid.

The event was broadcasted on the Traxion.GG YouTube channel, hosted by Lewis McGlade and John Munro. After 45 minutes, which only amassed seven laps of competition at the 20.830-kilometer (12.944-mile) circuit, Tomasz Wach would find himself victorious by more than 80 seconds over the rest of the competitors in the field.


The Nurburgring Nordschleife is a daunting arena for any racer, whether it be in the real-world or on any sim platform. rFactor 2’s Nordschleife is even more of a tribulation with the speed and rigidity of the Ligier JS P320 LPM3.

Off of the starting line, things immediately got physical as the field took of and entered Turn 1. Donat Prodan led the field off of the line alongside Ben Scullion, but neither would stay there long. Prodan didn’t have the best of starts, and neither did Scullion.

Wach, who started in third, had an amazing jump and jumped them both to get the lead into the first turn. Scullion would end up three wide before the same turn and after contact, wound up off the track, falling down the order.

These laps in these cars end up being a little more than six minutes long. A pit stop would be required before the end of the 45 minute battle, but surviving until then would be a challenge in itself. Drivers such as Prodan, Sebastian Reeh, Alessio Feletto, Raph I-M and more would find themselves in trouble early on, with some of them retiring before the end of the first two laps.


There would be one round of pit stops in order to make it to the completion of the race, but many hopefuls didn’t even make it that far. Before halfway, the place you didn’t want to be was in second.

Prodan, Scullion, Liam Rance, Salvatore Zitiello, and Fabian Balle were all cursed to hold the spot or race for it, all eventually retiring from the event. Lorenzo Tortella eventually cycled his way into the runner-up spot, but eventually he was bit by bad luck as well.

Leaders started to pit with just over 19 minutes to go. Wach was able to pit and maintain the lead. Tortella took an extended stop, likely to fix damage sustained while running in second. This handed the spot over to Nico Maimo, who started this event outside the Top 10.

The battle for third would be the last contested spot in the final stint of the race. Tim Kay had it following the pit stops, but Jonathan Fraser wanted it. With 15 minutes or so remaining, Fraser made the dive in and took away the spot from Kay.

Up front however, Wach could have taken a bathroom break with as big of a lead that he had built up. With the second spot such a trouble spot, anyone who had similar pace was unable to compete for it.

By the end of it, Wach built up more than a minute and 20 seconds over the field, and was able to cruise to the victory after leading every lap. Maimo and Fraser held on to round out the podium.


Pos.Car #DriverLaps
107Tomasz Wach7
229Nico Maimo7
320Jonathan Fraser7
454Tim Kay7
514Eric Nunes7
612Lorenzo Tortella7
707Vinicius Goncalves7
803Luis Otero7
914Shannon Flynn7
1023Julien Lemoine7

As mentioned on the broadcast, the next Race of the Season will take two more new pieces of content and piece them together for another seasonal event.

Again using the rFactor 2 Competition System, drivers will have the opportunity to qualify for the next race at Laguna Seca which will use the IndyCar-IR18.

Check out the full broadcast replay below, stay tuned for more rFactor 2 news here on Traxion.GG, and don’t forget to keep it pinned.

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