Today’s Gran Turismo 7 update is a stability fix

Not much to see here, carry on. Gran Turismo 7’s update 1.37 just has one bullet point, although it could point to a schedule shift.
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That’s it, just the following line for the latest Gran Turismo 7 update for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players with can be downloaded today, 31st August 2023:

 - Improved general game stability

It got us thinking, however. The majority of post-launch updates for the live service racing game have arrived at the tail end of each month. The pattern is that series producer Kazunori Yamauchi tweets, or Xs, a shadowy teaser image, we publish what we think they are, and then within the last full week of the month, the update hits. Usually on a Thursday, with a trailer on the Wednesday.

Gran Turismo 7 August Update, Toyota GR Corolla Morizo Edition

But then, nothing happened in July until the teaser on the 30th. Instead, there was a teaser at the start of August with the update hitting on the 7th to tie in with the Gran Turismo Movie launch.

So, for the anticipated version 1.38 (or the next update with new cars), when do you think it will arrive? Within the first week of September on a new schedule, or the last week of September reverting to the traditional timing? Vote in the poll below and we’ll keep you updated when new content arrives.

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Source: Polyphony Digital

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