Thrustmaster launches T-GT II wheel for Gran Turismo players

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Thrustmaster launches T-GT II wheel for Gran Turismo players

Following on from 2017’s T-GT, Thrustmaster has launched a sequel – the aptly named T-GT II, the first officially licensed wheel for the PlayStation 5.

Developed with Gran Turismo Sport players on PS4 and PS5 in mind, the T-GT II is powered by a volley of buzzwords and acronyms – such as T-DCC, T-RTF, T-AEC-Q, T-LIN, T-F.O.C., T-MCE and T-Turbo – but we’ve sifted through the information and below are the main features.

Thrustmaster T-GT II processor

The TGT-II includes a brand-new chipset inside, dedicated to processing effects, which in theory allows for shorter force feedback calculation times for more responsive reactions. Or, as Thrustmaster likes to call it, Real-Time Force Feedback (T-RTF). This added horsepower will work for all games across PS5 and PC – yes, the T-GT II is compatible with PCs too

Other electronic improvements inside the setup include AEC-Q-certified printed circuit boards used in real-world automotive industry production processes – the aim here primarily being to improve durability and performance over time.

Thrustmaster T-GT II Chipset

For those who enjoy a spot of power sliding – like Aero on our Twitch channel, every Monday from 2 pm PT/5 pm PT/10 pm BST – the T-GT II utilises Real-Time Drift Curve Calculation (T-DCC). It’s clear that Thrustmaster is aiming this wheel at those who also dabble in a sideway slew from time to time, prevalent in rallying, rallycross and drifting, alongside the super-straight track driving.

The Depth FeedBack (T-DFB) system in the original T-GT is carried across along which guarantees the precision of data between 30 Hz and 100 Hz. That combined with the new electronics avoids information loss associated with lesser FFB systems, according to the peripheral manufacturer.

Thrustmaster T-Turbo power pack

Much like the original T-GT, dual belt tech with a servo motor powering the mechanism is also here. The turbo-like device you see in the image above is the T-Tubro, an external power supply in lieu of a traditional power brick that delivers a peak power of 400 watts.

The T-GT 11 includes the servo base and wheel plus a pedal set in one package from launch. The pedals too have been upgraded, now using higher-grade materials. They aren’t load cell, if that’s what you’re after, but the T-LCM Pedals will be compatible.

Thrustmaster TGT-II pedals

Of course, from a design perspective, a giant GT logo adorns the centre wheel section as do the PlayStation icons of triangle, square, circle and cross. There are also multiple programmable dials that will be natively supported within GT Sport from day one.

The entire kit is available from today, 23rd June 2021, in Europe (excluding Switzerland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom) for €749.99. It then hits the UK on the 1st September 2021 for £699.99 and the United States and Canada on 5th October 2021 for $799.99. Other regions will receive it later in the year.

Thrustmaster TGT-II servco base

These prices are in line with the 2017 model and ensure the T-GT II sits atop the Thrustmaster range.

Also late in the year, ‘Q4 2021’, will be the T-GT II Pack which is just the servo base and wheel for £599.99 / $699.99 / €649.99 and the T-GT II servo base on its own for £449.99 / $549.99 / €499.99.

Thrustmaster TGT-11 Packshot box

It’s just a shame that Gran Turismo 7 will be released in 2022, as the original T-GT launched in the same year as GT Sport. I guess if you purchase the T-GT II now, you’ll be all set for the release of Polyphony Digital’s latest opus to the motor vehicle.

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