Thrustmaster launches affordable T248 hybrid drive wheel and pedal set

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Thrustmaster launches affordable T248 hybrid drive wheel and pedal set

Following on from Thrustmaster’s recent 2021 roadmap, and a suite of influencers and content creators posting to social media, the T248 is now official.

The T248 is a brand-new hybrid drive steering wheel, bundled with a set of new T3PM pedals. It’s a ‘hybrid drive’ because it uses a combination of gear and belt-driven technologies for an entry-level sim racing set targeted at those on PlayStation or PC looking to set up from a gamepad.

Watch out Logitech G923, Thrustmaster is gunning for you.

Thrustmaster T248 Magnetic shift paddles

The new set-up promises 70 per cent more force when compared to previous Thrustmaster models, namely the T150 Force Feedback and TMX Force Feedback.

The wheel rim features a built-in digital display, which can cycle through 20 different information screens. Thrustmaster has recently been keen on adding telemetry onto its wheels, such as on the high-end SF1000. Here, the result is paired down, but can still show engine rpm, speed, number of laps, driver’s position or best time.

Thrustmaster T248 LCD display

It will also show various wheel settings, as the force feedback (FFB) can be changed on the fly – without having to dip into a game options screen. Three FFB pre-sets can be selected; linear, boosted and enhanced.

Linear means the force felt by the user is 100 per cent proportional to the force requested by the game, boosted ups the force feedback level and enhanced aims to make running over kerbs or off track more visceral.

Behind the rim is a set of magnetic paddle shifters with a 30ms response time.

Thrustmaster T3PM pedals

As for the new T3PM pedals, you receive a throttle, brake and clutch setup that include four spring configurations. While not load cell, they should offer a level of adjustability rarely seen at this price point.

The T248 is officially licenced for PS4 and PS5 use, hance the PlayStation button layout, and is also compatible with PCs.

The T248 set, wheel and pedals, is available to pre-order today (31st August 2021) in Europe, the Middle East and North America for a very reasonable price of £299.99 / €349.99 / $399.99 with sales expected on 21st October 2021. The rest of the world will follow later in the year.

Thrustmaster T248 sim racing wheel and pedals box

Let us know in the comments below if you think this sounds like an ideal set or for those mounting a wheel to a desk? Will you be pre-ordering? We’ll have more on the T248 very soon.

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