The US Speed Tour returns to The Crew 2 Season 8

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Three new cars, now USST city-based tracks and weekly challenges for the next two months mark the start of The Crew 2’s eighth season.
The US Speed Tour returns to The Crew 2 Season 8

As we near what feels like the end of continued support for The Crew 2 – ahead of The Crew Motorfest releasing later this year – Ubisoft Ivory Tower’s open-world racer has received a new episode of Motorflix.

Released today for PC, PlayStation and Xbox players, Season 8 Episode 1: USST Cities is a return to the US Speed Tour event style first seen in July 2021 for Season 3.

The Crew 2 Saleen S1 GT4

Eight new events will take place in US cities, with new races appearing weekly across the two-month season.

As ever with a new season of The Crew 2, there will be some new vehicles, in this instance:

  • Saleen S1 GT4 (2020)
  • Spyker C8 LaViolette GT2-R (2008)
  • KTM X-Bow GT2 (2020)

However, we’ve seen variations on these before, with the road going version of the Saleen already featured and the pumped-up GTX version of the KTM appearing in April last year.

KTM Xbox GT2 The Crew 2

The Spyker, however, is intriguing. While the road car C8 Aileron is already in the game, this is the older race car used to take on the likes of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Motorsport aficionados will be pleased to see this vehicle find a new lease of life here.

Spyker_SPYKER_C8_LaViolette_GT2-R_TouringCar The Crew 2

To continue the theme of padding out the content near the end of the game’s life, four prior vehicles return: Bentley Mulliner Bacalar (2020), Jaguar F-Type SVR Coupe (2017), Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Coupé (1961) and the KTM 450 EXC – Nighthawk Edition (2015) motorcycle.

There’s also a new MotorPass too – which is this game’s optional cosmetic and car unlock system, where XP sees you progress through either free or paid-for-premium tiers. The following cars are available to obtain:

  • Pagani Zonda F Primary Edition (2005) – Premium
  • Chevrolet Corvette C8.R (2002) – Premium
  • Mini Cooper S Checkered Edition (2010) – Premium
  • Audi RS 5 Coupé USST Official Edition (2018) – Free
The Crew 2 Motorpass Season 8 Episode 1

Finally, there will be a suite of Live Summits, where players compete on online leaderboards and the top percentiles receiving reward payouts.

Season 8 Episode 1 is out now, with Episode 2 expected in May.

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