The seven new cars in Gran Turismo 7’s next ‘big’ update

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Series Producer Kazunori Yamauchi has let slip that Gran Turismo 7’s next update will arrive week commencing 30th November 2023.
The six new cars in Gran Turismo 7's next 'big' update

It’s been one month since the last content update for Gran Turismo 7, when it included the ‘regular’ three new cars. But for the next additions, set for an early November 2023 launch, there will be double the roster in what’s being touted as a significant update.

“A big update is coming next week,” posted series producer Kazunori Yamauchi to X, accompanying an image with seven vehicle silhouettes.

Gran Turismo 7 update teaser, October 2023, Kazunori Yamauchi

In terms of quality-of-life fixes, new features, tracks, GT Sophy or game modes, we’re none-the-wiser. However, here are what we think are the seven new vehicles, pending confirmation. The content will arrive within the week commencing 30th October 2023, with GT7 updates usually hitting on a Thursday.

Mercedes-Benz 190E

Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution 1
Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution 1 – Image, Bring a Trailer

Many an automotive enthusiast reveres the BMW M3 (E30) for its perky engine, diminutive stature and race-winning credentials. But, less so its arch-nemesis at the time, the Mercedes-Benz 190E which took a tank-like saloon and made it handle with aplomb.

It was also powered by a Cosworth-fettled engine and went through two stages of homologation-special evolutions for DTM racing. If this car arrives, expect the community to create a bevy of retro liveries.

This is a tricky shadowed image, but the blocky front panel we think leads us to this particular three-pointed star. In addition, one of these is in the closing credits of the Gran Turismo Movie, supposedly being scanned for the game. As for the ‘evolution’ spec, we’d hesitate to guess at an ‘Evo 1’, but let’s see in the final release.

Lexus LFA

Gran Turismo 7 Lexus LFA
Gran Turismo 7 Lexus LFA – Image credit, Lexus UK

The LFA is touted as including the world’s greatest engine and tachometer, but also one of the worst gearboxes.

Designed to be a halo model to enhance the rest of the Lexus range, the Japanese company struggled to sell the available units at the time despite the screaming bespoke V10 engine. Now, of course, that means it’s a modern classic.

Plus, in the virtual world, you can hopefully upgrade the sluggish transmission thanks to Rupert in the Tuning Shop.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3, Gran Turismo 7
Tesla Model 3 – Image credit, Tesla

The now-ubiquitous electric saloon, the car equivalent of white bread. Driven by someone who watches Apple press conferences live, works in middle management, plays golf and has even got ‘skin in the game’ with TSLA stocks.

Still, as dreary as it may be, you cannot deny it’s changed the automotive landscape forever thanks to accessible charging and decent range. This was previewed during an advertisement for Gran Turismo 7 back in February 2022, when a video with Dai Yoshihara and Super GT used a modified Model 3 around Willow Springs. The wording in the video explained that the car was to be “provided in a future update.”

Tesla Model 3 used in Gran Turismo 7 promo trailer
The Model 3 was used in a February 2022 Gran Turismo 7 promotional trailer

Judging by the silhouette, we expect the standard road-going version, not the wings seen in that particular spot, but that’s nothing GT Auto can’t sort.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS (992)

Porsche 911 GT3 RS 992, Gran Turismo World Series World Finals
Porsche 911 GT3 RS 992, Gran Turismo World Series World Finals 2022

The current pinnacle of the 911 sports car, this one has one of the most aggressive aerodynamic set-ups for a road car, said to deliver track-pummelling downforce. Also, in person, the appendages are made of a rather cheap plastic that looks set to fade quicker than a Mk1 Ford Ka’s bumpers.

Speaking of in person, the 992-generation GT3 RS was prominently on display at last year’s Gran Turismo World Series World Finals next to a C8 Corvette. Well, the American car made it to the game, now it’s time for the Porsche, identifiable in the teaser thanks to the ginormous swan-neck rear wing.

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Demon

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Demon
Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Demon – Image Credit, Dodge Garage

The four-door Charger with the Hemi V8 is already in the game, now here comes its two-door brethren, the Challenger.

There have been literally a thousand different Challenger various available over a 15-year production run, one that will end next year bringing with it the potential demise of the characterful engine outside of trucks and SUVs. Picking a specific model here is tricky, then.

However, a regular Hellcat has one single, small, air intake on the hood. A Hellcat Red Eye has two. The Hellcat Demon and Demon 170 have one large intake, and that’s what we see here. We expect the former, which means a 6.2 litre V8 engine. But, get this, there’s also a 2.7-liter supercharger. So the induction has a bigger capacity than most regular European cars’ entire engine.

Up to 840bhp, defending on the gas inserted, and a chassis older than Egypt’s pyramids. It’s going to be a handful.

Nissan NISMO Skyline 400R

Nissan NISMO 400R R33 - Collecting Cars
Nissan NISMO 400R R33 – Image Credit, Collecting Cars

A JDM legend. Only available in Japan and with only a handful created, this was a modified Nissan Skyline GT-R (R33) that ruled the Tokyo streets in the late ’90s. Further adding to its credentials, it was created due to racing homologation requirements, so that NISMO could compete at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

There’s also mystery over exactly how many exist, with NISMO claims 44, GT-R Registry just 40.

So, it’s rare, Japan-only, confused and produced to go racing. Ticks all the boxes for us. One sold in the UK earlier this year on Collecting Cars for… wait for it… £701,400.

1960s Dodge Charger

Dodger Charger RT
Dodger Charger R/T, 1968 – Image credit, Dodge Garage

It’s such a trope to run straight to the 1968 film featuring Steve McQueen, Bullitt. But, that’s what we thought of first of all, especially after having re-watched it recently.

That shot of the ‘baddies’ Dodge Charger R/T in the rear-view mirror, cresting a San Francisco rise. Hard to beat for the sheer cool factor. Not a great film though, is it? Come on now, be real. It ponders along until the car chase, with only Lalo Schifrin’s score to keep you occupied. Style over substance.

Anyway, this is the same car used in the film, now in the game to race against other classic American muscle such as the original Mustang.

UPDATE: Spec II for Gran Turismo 7 has been unveiled with a 2nd November 2023 release date.

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