The Sim Racer film is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video

Justin Melillo
The Sim Racer film is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video

The Sim Racer, a 2022 drama starring Roman Boylen, Bradley Harrelson and Chris Wolfe, is now available on Amazon Prime Video to rent for $/£4.99 or buy for $/£9.99 as of Monday, 16th January 2023. The film is rated 16+ for Young Adults. It premiered in Atlanta, Georgia back in September of 2022.

From the Chrome Horn Media studio and directed by Brock Drury, The Sim Racer follows the story of Luke Wallace (Boylen), a down-and-out oval sim racer who aspires to race in the real-world. Luke faces foreclosure on his house and he’s looking to make enough money to prevent that from happening.

Shooter Jones (Bradley Harrelson)

Together with his crew chief Bootie Burns (Scott Oakley) and his buddy Earl (Wolfe), Luke is taking on the world of open setup oval racing to win the biggest sim race of the year, the World 500.

He’ll have to get through his rival Shooter Jones (Harrelson) on the track, and he’ll also have to balance his new found relationship with fellow sim racer June (Eli Jo) to win that $20,000 payday and stave off his house foreclosure.

The Amazon Prime Video listing

The racing takes place utilizing the Motorsport Simulations platform and also features the likes of Evan Posocco and Jeff Maconi as the sim racing announcers for the sim event. Both iRacing’s renditions of USA International and the Super Late Model are featured prominently throughout the film.

With the thematic racing aspects from Days of Thunder on display throughout the film, except with sim racing at the forefront, The Sim Racer is one of the first of its kind to showcase what oval sim racing is about.

Luke Wallace (Roman Boylen, left) and Earl Johnson (Chris Wolfe, right)

“There was a lot of work put into writing and making this movie, Drury said about the film back in 2021.

“The sim racing community has high expectations for this, and I think they will like it and be proud. I’ve been sim racing for over 15 years so that makes it a lot easier compared to someone coming in from the outside who is uneducated about sim racing.”

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