The secret of Coach Dave Academy’s success – David Perel and Steve Worrell | Traxion Podcast

In this insightful interview, we discuss the benefits of a sorted car setup in sim racing, how to sell your used equipment and the perfect segue.
The secret to Coach Dave Academy’s success – David Perel and Steve Worrell

On this episode of the Traxion Podcast, Thomas Harrison-Lord speaks to David Perel and Steve Worrell about what makes sim racing setup shop Coach Dave Academy tick, how its Delta app is making competitive driving easy, the future of The SimGrid and a new venture, SimTrader.

Ferrari GT driver Perel explains how real-world motorsport competition helps his Speed Capital company stand out from the competition, while Worrell highlights his new role at the business.

The trio also discuss the challenges and opportunities the sim racing industry faces over the next 12 months, and which titles catch their eyes.

We hope you gain some valuable insight into the business behind one of sim racing’s leading enterprises.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve ever used Coach Dave Academy for training or setups, and are interested in the new equipment trading website.

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