The Peel P50 is coming soon to Forza Horizon 5

The Peel P50 is coming soon to Forza Horizon 5

From 1962, the loveable three-wheeled microcar Peel P50 is returning to the Forza Horizon series, when it arrives in Horizon 5 for Series 2 of the Festival Playlist.

With Series 1 of the Festival Playlist now in its fourth week, we’ll likely hear about the next set of challenges soon. Following today’s (3rd December) update, which included several multiplayer fixes, the in-game menu now shows a preview of Series 2.

The car on the artwork is the Peel P50 – a tiny car made on the Isle of Man and popularised in the 2010s by Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear. It was last seen in Forza Horizon 4, but was curiously absent to this point in Forza Horizon 5. It will also be joined by the Peel Trident from 1965.

Peel Car Collection Forza Horizon 5

Both cars are now listed in the car collection area within the game too.

We can also see, thanks to the same in-game graphic, that the next Festival Playlist will be a ‘Holiday Special’. Festive car horns to unlock? Christmas puns in the challenge names? You betcha.

For now, that’s two tasty morsels to get you hyped for the next update, and we’ll keep up updated with a full run-through of the Festival Playlist items as soon as they are revealed.

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