The O-Rouge Cold Fusion is an air-cooled sim racing seat

O-Rouge unveils Cold Fusion, an air-cooled sim racing seat

The Cold Fusion sim racing west was unveiled by O-Rouge last week. The seat cools sim racers to help avoid ‘sweaty’ buckets.

The Belgium sim racing gear provider O-Rouge recently unveiled the Cold Fusion air-cooled sim racing seat.

O-Rouge, which specializes in sim racing rigs, showed off the temperature control knob via social media last week.

The seat is said to “ventilate certain areas of the chair and dissipate body heat to increase comfort and performance.” For those who finish up a race or a long practice and step out of a puddle of sweat, this seat might be for you.

Avoiding that ‘sim racer room’ smell after a sting in an iRacing 24-hour special event could be worth the price of admission alone.

Other features built into this chair include 3D woven fabric, a specialized Cold Fusion foam padding, and a regulator to determine the airflow you need to be comfortable.

A ‘cold fusion’ layer of fabric is placed within the materials designed to specifically allow the seat to ‘breathe’ and dissipate body heat.

The Cold Fusion seat starts from €779.99. As of now, the company is asking potential customers to request quotes through its website. What do you think about racing in a cooled sim seat? Let us know in the comments below.

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