The history of the Forza franchise

Rich Hutson
The history of the Forza franchise

11 games, or 12 if you include the mobile spin-off, across 16 years. So far…

The Forza franchise has been ripping through the releases, starting out back in 2005 on the original Xbox (no, not the Xbox One) it was purposefully created to rival Gran Turismo and, over the years, it’s been a worthy adversary.

In this video, we go through each game in the Forza franchise as it stands, including its transition from Xbox to Xbox 360, the tumultuous Xbox One years and the spawning of the open-world Horizon series that leads the charge at present.

With it approaching four years since the last Motorsport entry and three since the last Horizon, it may appear that both strands are about to receive a reboot. Ahead of the long-running Microsoft staples re-invigoration, get up to speed with the series to date.

Let us know in the comments below which is your favourite from the series!

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