The Crew: Summer Showcase offers first glimpse at Motorfest Festival Program

Details surrounding The Crew: Motorfest, which releases 14th September, were unveiled during The Crew: Summer Showcase on 29th June.

A Closed Beta for the title will happen as well from the 21st to 23rd of July

During The Crew: Summer Showcase premiere on 29th June, Ubisoft announced a lot of things surrounding their The Crew franchise titles. In terms of the upcoming title The Crew: Motorfest, which releases later this year on 14th September, there was a lot to dig into, including a date for the Closed Beta.

The Crew: Motorfest is the next iteration of the series, and it will be an open-world festival-style racing title that takes place on the island of O‘ahu, a part of the Hawaiian archipelago. Here’s what we learned from the 11-minute Summer Showcase Premiere.

You can bring your The Crew 2 content with you

The Crew 2 Porsche 918 Spyder

A big feature revealed during the premiere, that will be available for those who spent countless hours on The Crew 2, is that Motorfest will include a Collection Import system to get your cars and collectible items moved over from the old game to the new one. This feature will be available at launch and it will be a free service.

This will allow players to move The Crew 2 Vehicles and Vanities that have been unlocked or purchased before Season 8 is completed. Anything from the future Season 9 can also be moved over at a later date. This, of course, is an optional feature in the case of if players want to start from scratch in the new game.

What’s in these Motorfest Festivals?

The video also spoke on some content we already knew about, such as the themed festivals and playlists, not too different sounding than what Forza Horizon has put on for years.

But, that’s not all that’s included, as hourly Head-to-Head races will feature alongside the themed playlists, and will include the “Grand Race” and “Demolition Royale” modes. The Grand Race will feature randomly generated tracks, which is a neat way to keep things fresh.

Within the year, there will be seasons, and they will be introduced every four months with new things to do on the Main Stage every week. For example, in the first month of Season 1, Week 2 will feature American Pop Culture, Week 3 is American Dust and Week 4 is American Racing.

That ties in with the first month in Season 1, which will set out to celebrate all the major brands from America (in the first month), Japan (in the second month) and Europe (in the third month). No word on what the fourth month might entail just yet. Season 2, meanwhile, is set to introduce Hoonigan and their lineup of cars.

Summits will return in the form of Summit Contests, and for customization of your own cars, the Custom Show is where that’s at. There will also be a Motorfest Hall of Fame to aim for monthly as well, and elite prizes will be offered to those top drivers.

Closed Beta registration now open

On the official website, players can register now for a chance to play the Closed Beta from the 21st to the 23rd of July.

You can only register for the Closed Beta if you are playing on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S or on PC through Ubisoft Connect. While the game will launch on previous Gen consoles, the Beta does not look to have those included.

SOURCE: Ubisoft

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