The Crew 2’s Season 8, Episode 2 now available as of 10th May

The newest episode for The Crew 2 is USST Next, here’s everything you need to know regarding it.

On 10th May, the second episode in The Crew 2‘s eighth season, titled US Speed Tour Next (USST Next), continues the story into the future following Episode 1 of the season, USST Cities.

The episode will be based in the futuristic Motorflix Arena and the Alpha Grand Prix. There are futuristic cars and ways to race. It’s pretty different than most anything else that’s been in the title to this point. The area exists over Lake Michigan, close to Chicago, and is slated to host many dedicated events during this time.


For this episode of The Crew 2, there will be two new vehicles, in this case, it is the:

  • Proto Glow Concept Motorsport
  • Proto Concept Pulse Performance

These cars are made for the Alpha Grand Prix, a futuristic pair of cars that will be able to take on the challenges of the futuristic arena.


  • Chevrolet Grand Sport Armored Edition (1963)
  • Shelby gt500 1967 Americar Edition (1967)
  • Volkswagen Kombi High School Edition (1966)
  • Creators Tkachenko Ice Hunter (2021)


There are the usual 50 tiers of content for this, with 17 free tiers of content and the rest behind the premium tier in the new MotorPass. This is the game’s optional cosmetic and car unlock system, where XP sees you progress through either free or paid-for-premium tiers. The following cars are available to obtain:

  • Premium: Proto Concept Sparrow Competition
  • Premium: Lotus Evora GTE Overcut Edition
  • FREE: Creators Concept Spruemeister SM71


As always, there are a schedule of Live Summits, where players compete on online leaderboards and the top percentiles receiving reward payouts. Season 8, Episode 2 is out now.

Source: The Crew 2

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